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Top 10 Spray Painted Projects

Easy spray painted projects for your home
Spray paint season is here! :)
It's now the time to grab those spray cans and drab looking items, and head outdoors. Yep. That's what I'm planning on doing the following weeks.
Isn't it great when just by spray painting something you give it a new life! 
Well, today I have a round up of easy spray painted projects I've done, and I hope you get inspired to go and do you own transformations!

One of my first before and after painting projects was these pair of gigantic metal lamps. In white they look so much better I'm still using them in this room.
gold lamp transformed with white spray paint

After 25 years of being used as wall art, this $2 flea market find was put to good use. Purple spray paint and fabric did wonders to this wooden tray.

light purple spray paint used to transformed wooden tray - tea pot set and cups, hedge apples

$20 was the price I paid for a set of four of these chairs. After spray painting them that value went way up. The full spray painting tutorial is right here.

How to spray paint wooden chairs

As you know, spray paint can be used on many surfaces. I'm still smitten at how good these plastic placemats look and feel after being spray painted. They were used on my last year's Easter table HERE.

how to spray paint plastic

Once again a pair of lamps where given the spray painted treatment. This time, a pair of cheap glass lamps, the end result not as cheap looking as the before. ;)
how to spray paint a glass lamp - red

Sometimes new items are the ones that need to be spruced up. I loved this baskets but they were too plain for my liking. Some tags and spray painted stripes were the solution. You can check how to do it right here.

how to add spray painted strips to baskets

A behind the door shelf was given a contrasting color, it couldn't be any easier than by using spray paint.

how to build a behind the door shelf - orange color and metal rails

Decorative arrows were spray painted to give them a rustic look...

how to make rustic decorative arrows

Just the same as was done to this DIY metal basket.
metal basket spray painted for a rustic look

Finally, I was surprised of how good and easy was to spray paint fabric! This patriotic banner was lightly painted in less than five minutes.
how to spray paint on fabric

Do you love spray paint? What's the next project you have in mind?

For more DIY Paint transformation ideas check these out:

diy room divider/screen used as a headboard

how to paint your kitchen cabinets

Chippendale chairs updated with chalk paint

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  1. Great projects! This is definitely the time of year to spray paint outside. Our weather has been beautiful and I use every excuse to get outside.

    1. Thanks Jennifer! For us is still a bit chilly but compared to what we had it's just great and fun to be outside! I can imagine you and your family enjoying that beautiful outdoor space you have!
      Enjoy your week!

  2. Yes spring is definitely the time for spray paint! Great project list Cristina. Funny thing is I just came across two lamps that I painted years ago (before blogging) in red. They look very similar to yours! I might have to pull them out of storage :)

    1. Thanks Karen! Ha, maybe it's time to give them a new color!

  3. I'm definitely bringing my spray can out already for a few projects in the nursery, thanks for the inspirations Cristina!

    1. Awww can't wait to see, nurseries are so much fun!

  4. I always LOVE your projects, Cristina. It is still WAY too cold to spray paint here yet, darn it! xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! Give it a month or so and you'll be enjoying the outdoors too!

  5. I loved every project you showed us. Spray paint is so fabulous, especially now with all the different types for anything we can think of we want to paint. I have a chair I bought to be redone, never thought of spray painting it, so here I go. It's got lots of spindles on back of it so wasn't looking forward to trying to paint them. Also have baskets I want to paint on our bathroom cubbie stand. They're not all the same kind of basket (what they're made of) but thought if I painted them they'd look better. We don't have linen closet so had to use a cubbie stand for toiletries and towels. Need to paint cubbie stand also, black just isn't doing it for me in our bathroom, someday.
    You have sure inspired me to get those spray cans out and get busy. Just loved everything you showed us. Think basket will be first project. Happy week and a glorious Easter.

    1. Thanks so much, Srpprcrftr! I think spray paint is the best way to go on those chairs with lots of spindles, just be sure to get one nozzle attachment so you don't end up with a sore finger. I can't believe I haven't gotten one of those yet! And hey, let me see your transformations. :) Happy Easter to you too!

  6. Hola Cristina querida !! Grandes proyectos !! Podría decir que me gusta la lámpara ! También esas sillas , todo es bonito amiga querida

  7. It's amazing how a little bit of spray paint can completely transform an ugly find ;)

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  8. Great pieces for sure and anytime I can use spray paint its an easy project.

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