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Easy Cookie Cutter Easter Bunting

I'm having so much fun unpacking all the Easter stuff and bringing those soft colors of the season all around the house. 
I'm one of those who gets end of season sales and one year later gets surprised to find those goodies in her stash!

cookie cutter set used as a garland on mantel

That's what happened with this cookie cutter set. I got it last year at a thrift store and completely forgot I have it!, So, I began thinking about how to use it, well, besides its intended purpose. That's when I remembered one of the projects created by my friend Linda for the 12 days of Christmas ornament event, you can check her project right here.

cookie cutter set for Easter used as a bunting or garland

I decided to wrap the cookie cutters with Washi tape, I wanted to add some color to the cutters but I didn't want to paint them, which would've been easier, but anyways I didn't want to damage them.

So, besides the cookie cutters, you'll need Washi tape, decorative paper, and ribbon or string to hang them.

The cutters were traced on decorative paper and the shapes were cut out (cut inside the lines).

cookie cutters on shapes of bunny, rabbit, chick, lamb, egg, church, cross

Wrap the cookie cutters with washi tape.

Cookie cutters for Easter - chick, egg and lamb as a bunting

Before inserting the paper cut-outs inside each cookie cutter, add a piece of ribbon at the top to hang them.

Cookie cutters on the shapes of cross, chick, rabbit as a garland

I used a piece of pom-pom trim I had around.

a cute easter bunting on pom-poms adorning a cupboard

This cute Easter bunting is adorning one of my cupboards.
How to make a Easter garland with cookie cutters

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yellow lilies adorning an Easter table

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  1. Now I will be on the hunt for cookie cutters after Easter!

    1. Yard sales, thrift stores or even flea markets are great ways to find them at cheap prices, Vel!

  2. That is a really cute, cute idea. Love the tape and paper idea rather than painting....even if it is still more labor intensive. This was a fun post- xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana, that's right! I still hope to bake some Easter cookies...some day! ;)

  3. oh my gosh cristina! those are super cute♥

  4. hola amiga querida !!! que adorable !! un diy sencillo y muy resulton

    1. Gracias Angélica! Me gusta esta palabra "resulton" :)

  5. Your Easter bunting is so creative and adorable! I love the pretty bright colors of spring you used.
    Mary Alice

  6. What a great idea Cristina! Love it.

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