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Spring Mantel

 old window with free botanical prints on it.

Hi Friends,
You must have heard it ... Snow... Snow.... and some more SNOW!
This cold weather and the fact that I've been feeling sick (just a cold, with the normal aches they bring), has made me feel a bit down. :(

I guess it's normal during this time of year.

That's why I decided to force Spring into our home.
Botanical prints in old window

The same old window from my Valentine mantel was used again. The idea of using the botanical prints came from Debra, I've always loved this project of hers. The free botanical prints can be found right HERE.
how to make a sign for Spring mantel

While reading a magazine the words Fresh Growth (Font: "Always in my heart") caught my eye, that's the title I gave my mantel. It was done on a scrap piece of bead-board with Sharpies.
free botanical prints Spring mantel
The green vases from one of my thrifty finds last year came in handy.
green vases with white flowers

Filled with flowers, they put a huge smile on my face.
white flowers in green vase - Spring mantel with blue bird

The little green bottles were filled with three different kinds of water...
flowers and botanical prints Spring mantel

Plain water...
Little green bottle on mantel

Water with added sugar...
Bouquet of white flowers in green vase on mantel

And water with vinegar. Kind of a science experiment to find out which way the flowers last longest. The idea came from my son who is doing a similar experiment at school this year.
Spring mantel - green and aqua

We'll see. ;)

The two week results are right HERE.
white, green and aqua mantel

For now they're making me feel much better that's for sure.



  1. It looks so pretty and fresh! I love botanical prints. You'll have to let us know which one made the flowers last longer. My money is on the sugar. Who doesn't love sugar?!

  2. Cristina, this mantel is so cute, definitely a cheery look for an otherwise crappy end of winter. I really don't think there's anything normal about this winter's drag it has imposed on our psyche (not to mention bodies). I hope you're past all the yuckiness, and feeling more like yourself.
    Rita C at Panoply

  3. Love those botanicals Cristina!! I'm sick of winter too, I should start decorating soon like you!

  4. oh so beautiful cristina, very spring ♥ i cannot wait for spring to actually come already! we had 3 snow days over here since wednesday :(

  5. Wow Cristina. Another beautiful project! You'll have to let me know which water was the best:-)


  6. I hear you about the snow and I live in Texas. I'm ready for spring weather! I love the mantel and can't wait to see which vase works the best

  7. Me encantan las impresiones botánicas son muy decorativas !!Tu casa ya huele a primavera, me han dado ganas de llenar mi casa con flores !!
    Buen fin de semana

  8. LOVE that amazing window with the botanicals, that bluegreen is perfect for Spring!

  9. Beautiful; I love those vases especially.

  10. I love it. Just perfect for the spring

  11. This mantle is so perfect for spring, I love how bright and fresh it feels-I definitely needed to see that considering how cold and nasty it's been lately!

    xoxo, SS

    The Southern Stylista

  12. Absolutely gorgeous! I'm ready for spring. This week in MD should be a

  13. What a beautiful sight for my sore winter eyes!
    I would love it if you stopped by my blog and joined our link party Something to Talk About!
    Have a great day and here's hoping the snow melts this week!

  14. Love the soft aqua with the bright green, so fresh and pretty and SPRING!

  15. LOVE what you did here! I have some old wildflower prints I framed many years ago and have held on to them. They never go out of style!

  16. I love how simple and beautiful it is, the prints are just perfect and your vases so pretty with the flowers! I think we all are ready for spring to come! I hope it comes soon, and I hope you are feeling better!

  17. The way you use this window just gets better and better.

  18. Hola Cristina ! Me encanta la versátil iliada que tiene esa ventana ! Con esas imágenes de plantas quedo precioso ,, me gusta mucho el tipo vintage

  19. This is so pretty and fresh! I love it!

  20. Everything is so beautiful! I especially love the prints in the window.

  21. What a beautiful mantle. I love how all the simple elements came together, and the colors look great! I'd love for you to come and share your post at my linky party.

  22. Love your mantel and how it all comes together with your beautiful window

  23. Thank you SO much for generously sharing the link to these beautiful prints. I've been searching and searching for some. Your mantle is charming and cheerful and perfect for spring. I hope you feel better soon.

  24. Thx! Love having the free printables! My mantle is complete and ready for Spring.

  25. Love botanical prints, but you made these just really gorgeous!! What a perfect use of an old window.... I adore it :) I featured it on my friday favorites... you are welcome to come check it out:

    Thanks for sharing!
    Jennifer Mae


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