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Easter Egg Tree

how to make an Easter egg tree from round dowels

Hi, good to have you here!
I'm now in full Easter mode and today's project totally rocks, if I might say so. ;)

This year's Easter egg tree idea came from none other than my talented friend Jaime from That's my Letter. Last week I happened to stop by her blog and read everything about this project, guess what? I loved it, but my mind kept on changing her original project to a little tree.

Make an Easter Egg tree with round dowels

So, that's what I created...
an Easter egg tree!
It's a fairly easy project and the total price comes under five bucks if you have the tools. I know, really cheap!

The materials and tools you'll need:
  • 1 Dowel ½" x 48" 
  • 2 Dowels ¼" x 48"
  • 1 Round wood base - 4" dia.
  • Wood glue
  • Drill with ¼" drill bit and a smaller bit
  • ¼" Spade drill bit
  • Hand saw
  • Tape measure

round dowels, wood base, hand saw, drill bits

Use the saw cut one 16½" piece out of the ½" dowel.
From the ¼" dowels cut two pieces each at the following lengths 7", 10", and 12"
dimension for making easter egg tree

Once all the pieces are cut, it's time to drill the holes on the main ½" dowel center support. From the bottom up at 5", 6½", 9", 10½", 13", and 14½", alternating their position for each set to be one dowel perpendicular to the other.
how to make Easter egg tree

For drilling the holes in the ½" dowel first make a hole with a drill bit smaller than the ¼" needed.
how to drill holes on dowels for Easter egg tree

Once all openings are done, you can go ahead and insert the ¼" crossed pieces (picture below). Sometimes they don't fit, you just need to go once more with the drill bit, however, it's better for they to have a tight fit. I didn't even use glue on these.
how to make easter egg tree

Finally, find the center on the wood base and using the ¼" Spade drill bit score a hole half way the thickness of the base. Insert the tree and secure it with glue. I also drove a small nail from underneath up the base for better support.
spade drill bit and glue to secure tree to base

You can now paint it and decorate it whichever way you want to. I spray painted it white. Colorful wooden beads were glued on each end of the dowels. As a final touch it was top off with a crystal knob I had on hand.
beads and crystal knob on tree

how to make easter egg tree or jewelry stand

Here it is, all ready to be decorate it.

how to make jewelry stand

The same little figures from my last year Easter egg tree were used here.
DIY - Jewelry stand made out of dowels

This is going to be the centerpiece on our Easter table HERE..
diy jewelry holder for girls room

And perhaps, after Easter, it'll be in my daughter's room serving another purpose. ;)
how to make your own easter egg tree with wood dowels

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  1. Que bonito ese árbol de huevitos de Oascua !,, un bello trabajo amiga querida

  2. I didn't think you could top your tree before but this is just wonderful!!!!! Love it Cristina, I wish I was as handy with tools like you!

    1. Thanks Vel! I bet you could put this together in no time!

  3. Just beautiful and super simple. Thanks for the link back.

    1. Thank you, Jaime! You always have such great ideas!

  4. hello! I'm from Brazil, your blog is beautiful! kisses
    Visit my blog too:


  5. LOVE this tree cristina!! and i want that tool box!! <3

  6. Oh my Cristina! Your Easter tree is absolutely adorable. I'm totally pinning this!

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