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First Day of Spring

First day of Spring with Snow -Wash. D.C.

Good morning!

Did you wake up to a scene like this?
Ha, big surprise, right!

It's beautiful....

But, it's not what you're expecting for your first day of Spring.

First day of Spring with Snow -Wash. D.C.

My kids were dreaming of school closings.
There were some, but not in our area.  :)

First day of Spring with Snow -Wash. D.C.

Looking through the window into our backyard... Amazing!

First day of Spring with Snow -Wash. D.C. - roadway

Clean roads all around.

Azaleas full of snow

The Azaleas are in full bloom...
Full snow bloom.

flowers on spring mantel

And talking about flowers, remember my Spring mantel?
Well, after two weeks, this is how they look.
The two in the center have been fed with plain water,
the one on the right with sugar,
and the one on the left with vinegar.
Not a big difference.

According to my son, the one with vinegar is the winner, followed by plain water and the looser is the sugar one. ;)

You know, kids always want to have a winner and a looser!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. Thank goodness we only got rain - blah, sick of that stuff! Happy Spring inspite of your white azalea blooms. ;)

    1. We're all sick of it, Rita! :) So glad you only got rain. Well, I'm kind of glad it didn't stick to the roads and that it came down overnight.

  2. Oh no snow! ICK!!!!!!! I remember as a child walking around in tees and shorts in March on spring break! Looks pretty, but.........

    1. but sad, I know! :/ The good thing, it's not going to last long, with warmer temps tomorrow it's going to melt away. :) Thanks for stopping by Kelly!

  3. GORGEOUS pictures, Cristina! I am laughing at the winner/loser flowers. We are at 34 this morning and it is raining. I guess I will take it over the snow. lol xo Diana

    1. Thanks Diana! For me it's rain anytime! hmmm though, I do like snow, but in December, for Christmas. :)

  4. It is beautiful Cristina, but definitely not the kind we're having! Stay warm dear!

  5. I couldn't believe it when I saw the snow yesterday. Her is hoping this week feels more like spring. :). Great pics.

  6. I couldn't believe it when I saw the snow yesterday. Her is hoping this week feels more like spring. :). Great pics.

  7. Happy Spring, Cristina. We have so much snow here on Prince Edward Island that it is a record year!

  8. Beautiful sight ... but that's one reason we moved from there to NE Tennessee a couple of years ago. We got a good bit of snow in February but are happy to be seeing some milder days and signs of Springtime now.
    Sue P.

  9. Vaya vaya ese primer día de primavera ,, brrrrrr que frío

  10. Amazing site. I haven't seen snow in 11 years. LOL, I can't say I miss it. I love the pictures and enjoy reading your post, Cristina

  11. I am so sorry! We are having a beautiful spring.


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