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My LG Parts Finally Arrived + A Great New Way to File Complaints

LG gas range knobs and how to complain

I got them! :)
If you just stumbled upon this post and have no idea what I'm talking about, you can check my previous post on the problems I was having with my LG appliances right HERE.

Most of the knobs on the gas range were unusable, we couldn't attach them to the range because the plastic connectors were breaking apart.

I called LG's 1-800 customer service on February the 4th to request a replacement for not only the knobs but for a dishwasher upper spray arm too. After almost a week without hearing from them. I called again and was told only the knobs were approved.

15 days later, the knobs arrived! Someone was excited to open the box. :)

Well packed, within another small box each of the knobs arrived.

I got TEN!  Yep, ten knobs. Five regular and five "Super Boil" knobs. Though, they're all the same, just different letterings/looks.
how to effectively file a complain to a big company

The gas range only needs five, but I got ten. When I turned them around to see the connecting part... Yeah, they're still the same...  The same plastic connectors. :(

plastic connectors on LG gas range knobs

Maybe that's why they sent ten, I'll have extras for when the first set begins disintegrating. :/
LG gas range knobs and a great way to make complains

Even though I was surprised to receive ten knobs, my biggest surprise was receiving the dishwasher part one day before the knobs arrived.

For this, I have to send a BIG thank you to my friend Brittany - Pretty Handy Girl! On Friday, February 13th, she forwarded my complaint post to LG Electronics USA -Facebook Page- where they replied that if Remodelando la Casa had an issue with LG I should Private Message them. So, later that day, through FB I explained to them the whole situation.

They kept on sending PMs like... What model is your appliance... What telephone number do you use for your complaint... etc. etc.

Ha, the upper spray arm arrived only five days, a weekend included, after the social media complaint was done. I should have taken that route from the beginning!

So, this whole situation has taught me a thing or two that I'm happy to share with you.

     1.  Take your complaint to social media

Long gone are the days when calling the 1-800 customer service number was the only option to deal with troubles you had with a company or their products. Nowadays, most big companies have staff to check complaints that come through their own Twitter or Facebook pages, you can also share your bad experience through online communities such as Yelp, Angie's List, Ripoff Report, and many others.
If you don't want to go through social media, writing to their corporate office instead of calling their 800 number is a better option.

     2.  Save your receipts

They still ask for receipts, you don't want your complaint to be rejected just because you don't have that small piece of paper.

     3.  Be Civil - Courteous- 
Even though you're not happy about the situation you're going through, being rude or aggressive is not going to help you at all. Be polite, assertive, and clear about what you'd like. Don't write a bad complaint just because, it can backfire on you, companies can and have sued customers who have complained online.

  4.  Keep records of your evidence/communications
writing down records and a great way to make complains

Write down the details, date of purchase of the incident. Dates the damage happened and so on. Also, write down the dates and names of people you've been talking to.

  5.  Contact the Better Business Bureau  
Better Business Bureau

Contact the BBB If dealing with a company didn't bring a resolution to your case and you still feel you have a legitimate complaint.


  1. AWESOME post...this is what I call the struggles of "everyday life" that so many who follow blogs don't "see"...the REAL struggles. I spent 2 hours yesterday trying to track down a tax statement from a mortgage company that serviced a LARGE commercial loan...they have NO record of me paying them tens of thousands of dollars. REALLY? Three departments, a "voice message" with no return call and two hours on the phone...nada! Thanks for the tip...I'm off to find their Facebook page!!! And I agree wholeheartedly...honey is sweeter than vinegar and being kind and respectful in any interaction is the ONLY way to go. Sometimes it really throws them for a!

  2. Thanks Beck! Imagine if you stop making a payment, they'll find your records immediately. :)
    Dealing with things over the phone is hard. I hope you can resolve your statement issue pronto!

  3. Great info to share...and good luck with the new working knobs & sprayer arm...

  4. It's a "complaint," as in "I have a complaint I need to tell you about." You can complain about the knobs on your range, but you make a complaint when you report your unhappiness. Glad you have plenty of knobs now!

  5. Thanks Ruth! I thought all those complain and complaint's (verbs and nouns), were checked, but it looks like not. Heading over to do one more check.

  6. Ahhh amiga querida ! Yo odió reclamar por algo ya que me suele sudseder que dicen llame aquí ,, llame allá ,, y uno pasa horas de un teléfono a otro llamando y llamando,, y al final uno sólo perdió el tiempo,,,buena lección,,, parece que las empresas le tienen terror a los medios sociales,,, uhhhh allá vamos entonces

  7. Great advice to got to social media! Glad you got your knobs, and dishwasher arm!

  8. Unfortunately, it seems that many "customer service" departments are set up to make the experience so frustrating that the customer gives up. I am like you. I NEVER give up and, in the end, usually get what is fair. Had not thought about going the FB route, but public shaming does seem to be quite effective.

    It is hard to believe that a company would use cheap plastic parts on a knob! Those parts probably cost less than a penny a piece. Metal might cost as much a 10 cents a piece. Hope LG has changed them out by now.

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