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Cabinet Door Turned Football Field Tray to Celebrate the Big Game and Birthday

A cabinet door is repurposed into a Football field tray

January is a month of birthday celebrations in our house.
It's the boys month. 
It begins with Mr. RLC's and ends with my little one's birthday, which makes me kind of sad :( 
My little boy is quickly turning into a little man.

Chalkboard for Football Game day with game strategy

His birthday is next weekend and since is also game day, we're going to have a Super Bowl - Birthday Celebration. 
I think it fits him very well, he's the one who has induced us to gain interest about the game, I've been very slowly understanding the game rules thru all the explanations he keeps on giving me, and also to his dad (he's been turning his dad into an entry level sports enthusiast - really!).

So the project today, is something we're going to use while we watch the game, cheer at the teams and celebrate one more year of having this wonderful boy in our lives.

Obviously, he was a big help during this project. ;)

The most important material you'll need is a cabinet door and a set of handles, that easy!

I used the one I took from my kitchen cabinet that is now holding the plate rack here. Yep, I'm not missing this door, and it's been laying around waiting to serve another purpose.
Super bowl party with cabinet door as a football field tray.

I'm glad it was already white, that shortened my job. Tape lines were placed to create the football field divisions.
painters tape is used to create the lines on a football field tray.

Then, number stickers and letters for the touchdown were added before painting the whole thing green.
the lines, numbers and touchdown words are painted on a football field tray.

Once dry, the stickers were removed.
peeling off touchdown sticker words on football field tray.

I didn't have a nice set of handles, instead I grab some scrap pieces of wood and those thingamaginga black things, I really don't know what those are, (if you know, let me know), they were in a box full of screws and things that the mister had.
repurpose wood and plastic cylinders are used to create football field tray

And I think they work great as a part of the handles.

The birthday boy had to have his football field goals, so he made them.
boy making football fields goals out of popsicle sticks

The bottles were a Christmas present - My daughter painted the stitches.

It's a big tray. On game day it's going to be full of food and placed right on top of the coffee table.

For now, only cup cakes and soda.

Hopefully, there's not going to be deflated balls. ;)

Our teams -Raven, Redskins or Dallas- are not in. :(
Touchdown Football tray with Field goals for party

But, I'm going to cheer for the East coast team. What's your team?!

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  1. Que artista eres Cristona !! Como me gusta como juegas tan acertadamente con los colores .. Mis hijos estarían felices en su cumpleaños con ese mesón tan entretenido

  2. Having been a "football mom" for years, I will say CUDOS! Cute as a bug! I have painted football fields on astro turf and green name it...but that little carrier is outstanding!

  3. What a cute idea Cristina. Happy birthday to your son. Hope he has a wonderful day!

  4. How cute! We're having a super bowl party and I have been so busy with other things that I haven't even thought about décor or food. Eek! My little guy just turned 7 last week and I just can't believe it. They get big so fast!

  5. That is awesome Cristina!! Now I need to find a door. ;)

  6. This is such a cute and clever idea. Enjoy your game day.

  7. Great use of the cabinet door! I love it that your son (and daughter) participated in the activity.

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