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A Stroll Thru Downtown Frederick

A couple of weeks ago we set a quick family trip to Frederick, MD. We live close by, I've visited this city many times though I'm not too familiar with the area. We'd planned to go to a museum and do a bit of window shopping since this is one of my teenage daughter's favorite places to hang out lately. ;)

Once we parked and headed to our destination, we couldn't stop admiring the beautiful homes and their architecture as we passed by.

This huge Colonial house was hard to ignore even though it's looking a bit drab. Beautiful trim work.

Look at the size of the sunroom! I really wished I could go inside. It seemed to be empty. :(

Across the street, this other house looked monumental. Once we went by, we discovered it was a funeral home.

But all along the road, most of the home's entrances were very charming.

Gorgeous churches abound in the area, we walked by this, the Frederick Evangelical Lutheran Church, the first church in Frederick, MD. Love the red door and the yellow-ish lanterns.

We also passed through many of these alleys in between houses. I find them somewhat mysterious.

Isn't it cool! The brick, the stone, the light fixtures, the little stands, the door at the end, the art on the outside walls. Wow. Love it!

Or how about this wall art!

However, Frederick is also the place to go antiquing.

Only it wasn't on our schedule that day.

Even though it was a very cold Saturday afternoon, the sidewalks weren't lonely.

I might say, the shops were having a good day.

Finally, we arrived at our destination...

The National Museum of Civil War Medicine. I'll share some pictures from the inside in a future post.

UPDATE: This was my take on The National Museum of Civil War Medicine

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  1. Cristina, I LOVE Frederick! I have been there numerous times and shopped both GSBP and Emporium. A great little town near enough to DC that I most always veer my husband to when we go to Alexandria/DC. Love all that architecture too!

  2. I adore this town. The red brick house is my favorite. Beautiful pictures.

  3. Hola Cristins !! Que bonito ese estilo victoriano de esas casas ., hermosa ciudad

  4. Christina, I don't think I've ever been to Frederick. I know it, of course, from the poem "Barbara Fritchie." It looks charming. I saw your link at Inspire Me Monday. Ann Marie at Iris Abbey

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