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Valentine's Day Mantel

Valentine mantel with scrap molding heart
A Valentine's Day Mantel display is a great way to warm up a little area of our home to celebrate this special holiday!

My family room mantel is The place I usually like to decorate for Valentine's Day. Well, not only for V-day but for most holidays. Since this is the room my family uses the most, we enjoy the new decor that comes with each new season. 

Seeing my kids close to the fireplace is fun, especially during these cold days, warming up and playing around with the stuff I decorate the mantel with. 

Even before taking the pics, I noticed the hearts on the garland were mysteriously disappearing! :)

scraps of molding were Elmer's glued to give the weathered effect.

This year's focal point is the heart art

Thanks so much for your kind comments on this project. The huge heart was placed atop an old window that I painted ASCP-Duck Blue.
Valentine's day mantel with rustic arrows and hearts

However, I am still trying to figure out why.

I was not happy with only one big, gigantic heart.

red wooden bead Christmas garland was repurposed into beaded hearts for Valentines

I went heart-hunting the house. :)

And found these Recycled beaded hearts and brought them up here to the mantel.
red and white fabric hearts hanging on beaded garland on Valentine mantel.

A handful of  Fabric Hearts were also added.


I'm now feeling like the Queen of Hearts!
Valentine mantel with red, pink and aqua colors.

Truth is, these were the tools I used. ;)
Old window and rustic cupid's arrows on mantel with big heart.

A sheaf of arrows I created.

Hmmm, no other way around it.
rustic clock and armillary sphere adorning a Valentines mantel

The timing was perfect...

Perfect for Valentine's.
rustic valentine mantel with old window painted aqua.

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red and white valentines mantel with LOVE art and Love potion No.9

rustic mantel with wood-shims coffee lid heart art, paper flowers and candles.

Can't wait for Valentine! How about you?


  1. Absolute perfection!! I love the pillows on your chairs too.

  2. Thanks Megan! Oh, those pillows are another re-purposed project I might talk about later on ;)

  3. I love the color combo of the duck blue and red. I'm suddenly wanting to incorporate arrows into my décor. They look very cool!

  4. LOVE your mantel!! Everything about it is PRESH!!!

  5. I'm obsessed with you arrows-I can't wait to see a more in-depth post about those!

    xoxo, SS

  6. Que bonito todo ese conjunto en tu chimenea !! Me encanta todo .. La guirnalda , el marco de ventana y ese hermoso love

  7. So cute!! I love your huge heart in the middle, and the beaded hearts are super cute. And I love those arrows! :)

  8. Me encantan todos tus proyectos creativos Cristina, el marco de ventana con el corazón rojo desgastado es precioso!!

  9. I love Valentine's day, too. Your mantel looks great. I love the arrows. I think they are my favorite part of the mantel.

  10. Your color combo is sassy and fun! LOVE that baseboard heart! Gotta try to make one too!

  11. Love Love Love Love Love! I needed some inspiration! Definitely following!

  12. I love your creative twist on the darling heart and oh these pillows-crazy over them!!

  13. I love that you always decorate your mantle I looks so pretty! Can't wait to see how you made the fun arrows!

  14. This is gorgeous!!! You have inspired me to tackle my mantel this weekend!

  15. I LOVE it Cristina!!! You really are the Queen of Hearts!

  16. Love the molding heart and your whole Valentine's mantel is so cute!

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