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Antonia's Stylish Nursery

No, no, I'm not pregnant!
Just in case the title of this post misled you. :)
The gorgeous and stylish baby, Antonia, is my newest niece. Isn't she adorable?!
But as much as I want to talk and show you pictures of this little bundle of joy, today I simply want to brag about my sister, yeah, my youngest sister, Antonia's mother. After all, she is the brain behind all these beauty!

My sister Adriana lives with her husband and now two kids in Manila, Philippines. That's why we usually communicate through e-mails or chats, and that's precisely the way we were talking when she was about 7 months pregnant and I asked her about her nursery plans. It went something like this...

Me: Hey, are you getting the nursery ready?
Sister:Yes, I've been painting a wall and beginning to bring the crib and things. I might need your advise. I already sent you a picture.
 (Of course I hadn't seen it, but I scrolled up through the chat and found the picture).
Me: Oh, now I see it. That's a beautiful room! Do you want to install wallpaper like in that picture?
Sister: No, no, that's not wallpaper, it's a stencil I painted it.
Me: Wait a minute! is that your room?! I thought it was from a magazine or Pinterest!
Marrakech stenciled wall for a purple baby girl nursery

She totally knocked my socks off! Not only did she stencil the wall, she had already designed and decorated the entire nursery.
purple nursery with a cute girl's dress as decor on a shelf

She installed decorative shelves... Covered the letter A with scrapbook paper... -Isn't that the cutest little dress?
empty frame with mirror serves as decor in nursery

Gave an old frame a coat of white paint and Voila! Instant art with a small mirror and added decals...
shelf with owl and baby toys for nursery

Grabbed big brother's old books and gave them a new cover...
dressing table and cute wall art for baby girl nursery

Transformed plain frames into art pieces with decorative paper... Turned an old brown dresser into a nice changing table.
rocking chair in baby girl nursery with mirror on the back

Ordered a custom made rocking chair with cushions and all...
storage baskets and giraffe toy in baby girl nursery

Chandelier and purple decorating accents in baby girl nursery

Gave the room a sparkling chandelier and covered the back of the bookcase with wall paper.
bookcase and toys inside girl nursery

And she was asking for advise!  :D
Keep calm it's a girl - sign in frame - girl nursery

Did I tell you that she took these pictures, and is usually the master mind behind photos like this?
picture of a mother holding her baby on her chest.

Or these?
Mother holding her baby on her arms and admiring such beautiful creation.

Baby girl Antonia on purple dress with beautiful head band with flower

Really! The HOME letters in the picture below were also her creation. I'm telling you, today was the day to brag about what an amazing and talented sister I have!
family picture with HOME sign on it.

I'm trying to convince her to start her own beauty, home and family blog. ;)
crib and cute decor in girl nursery

Hey, the crib skirt was another no-sew project she made.
Well done, sis, Well done!

a purple and light green nursery for a baby girl.


  1. Wow, Christina, her nursery is stunning and I see talent runs in the family. The personal photos are awesome. Yes, she needs to start a blog!

  2. Your sister is beautiful and so talented! She did an amazing job on her daughter's nursery. The pictures are gorgeous.

  3. Obviously decorating talent runs in the family indeed! You and your sister look so much alike. This nursery is jaw dropping gorgeous. What a lucky little girl!

  4. Love, love the nursery. Just gorgeous! And what a precious baby girl! :)

  5. Beautiful room, so what did she need advice about? I can see (as Kim said) good design ideas and execution sure runs in your family!

  6. Hola Cristina ! Que habitación de bebe más bella me encanta especialmente por su suave y elegante colorido

  7. OMG!! I love the nursery... Love the little details and color.
    Talent everywhere!
    marissa isabel

  8. All I can say is WOW!!!! Your sister is AMAZING! The room is just gorgeous, down to the very last detail.
    The perfect room for a gorgeous little princess! Please share it at WIW, we'd love to see you there!

  9. What a gorgeous room! I love everything about it. BEAUTIFUL! (Antonia too:)


  10. BRAVO!! What an amazing talent. You can sure tell you two are sisters with all that style and creativeness surrounding both of you! Please let me know when she starts a blog. I will definitely be a big fan! Congratulations on such a beautiful baby girl!

  11. Great tastes, creativity and beauty runs in your family Cristina! love the nursery and the photographs!

  12. WOW. Just wow!! That is possibly THE prettiest little girl's nursery ever! Decorating talent sure runs in your family, Cristina! Thanks for the beautiful share! XO

  13. Such a beautiful nursery your sister put together for your niece. Just love that stenciled wall!

    @Seeking Lavender Lane

  14. She did such a fabulous job on the nursery! I love the color combo! Tan, white, and lavender are so beautiful together! Thanks for sharing!

  15. Oh my gosh! It is beautiful! You two would be a killer team.. you should at least wrangle her into being a contributor!

  16. The room is very pretty, but Antonia is a gorgeous baby! Congratulations.

  17. Wow fabulous nursery, adorable baby and wonderful photos! Love that baby room!

  18. Tell your sister she is AMAZING!! Seriously every picture looks like it should be in a magazine, let me know if she starts a blog, I would totally follow her! LOVE it!

  19. That is the most beautiful nursery I've ever seen - I also thought it was from a magazine !
    She absolutely needs to be blogging - look at all the followers she'll instantly have - just amazing
    Those family photos are gorgeous as well !

  20. I am sending this to my daughter right now. She has 3 little girls and another one on the way! They all love purple and lavender. Plus this room is wonderful. Thanks for sharing! from The Scoop. Linda

  21. Oh, my! Well done, indeed! It does look like a magazine photo! What a lucky little girl to have this beautiful room and such a sweet mommy! Love it!

  22. Stopping by from Feathered Nest link party. Wow, your sister did an amazing job! Love it!

  23. So much talent in your family!!! She should absolutely start a blog! Love her style and her styling and her photography! And how cool that she lives in the Philippines!

    :) Linda

  24. What a beautiful nursery and her daughter is adorable! I would love to see more of her home and please encourage her to start a blog

  25. Big time wow! Cristina, not only is your sister beautiful but so is her entire family and her creations. I would read her blog if she started one! :)

  26. Soooo great! I guess decor talent runs in the family!

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