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Flea Market Finds - August & Giveaway

Was your weekend great?
Mine was OK. Nothing special, just doing stuff around the house.
Time for sure is running fast,
                                          it's August!
And with a new month comes another installment of "flea market finds".
It was a beautiful Saturday morning, it wasn't hot at all, the temperatures have been so mild it looks like Fall arrived before time.

We didn't get many treasures, there were many vendors selling clothes and that's not what I like to look for. :( Anyhow, the following items came home with us.

I saw this little red box and I liked its vibrant red color, at first I thought it was a wooden box, but no, it isn't. The owner couldn't open it and she didn't know what it was! One buck was all she asked for. We took it like a Pandora's box :) not knowing what was inside.
At home the box was easily opened, a quick web-search and we even know how to play Rummikub! The set is not complete, so don't be surprised to find the pieces in one of my projects ;)

I've always loved embroidery napkins, I have a couple sets that I don't use as frequently as I should. They're so delicate.

One dollar for this set of four.

A bundle of wooden poles with a "Free" sign on them?! Of course mine!

A jar full of construction nails? Why not, we used these a lot and for only one dollar, a no-brainer!

Once again my daughter came up with something great. She was on her own, well, with a friend, but when she met us again, she said: "Look what I found, I think it's so cute for only $3".

Ha, it turns out it's a Henn bread basket with leather handles.

Well, those were all our flea market finds, but this past week my husband came home from work with full hands :) He thought I might like to use these wire reels for something.

They are big...

Though not as big as this free Craiglist find that I want to incorporate into my backyard re-do.

My first thought was to use it as a table, but I'm open for suggestions. ;)

Now, in order to make these "Flea Market Time" posts more exciting for you guys, I'm giving away one of the items we found. In this occasion, my daughter herself asked for the basket to be the giveaway item and I think the napkins go perfectly well too. :)

So, both items a 7 x 12.5 Inches Henn bread basket with leather handles and a set of four embroidery napkins to a lucky winner, five easy ways to enter.
Good Luck!
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  1. What wonderful flea market finds! I would definitely use the large wooden spool for a table. One of the middle holes could hold a cute market umbrella. I love junkin' at the flea markets!

  2. Love, love, love the leather handles on that basket. GORGEOUS!

  3. The jar full of construction nails for a dollar was INDEED A BARGAIN! I think most of us would agree.

    1. Que buenos hallazgos Cristina !! Me gustan mucho esos carretes gigantes !! Que tengas un buen inicio de semana

  4. Great finds! Those poles are going to come in handy. It seems like I'm always needing one. I love those leather handles on the basket, too.

  5. Love your finds! I went to the Germantown Flea Mkt this past Saturday after finding out about it from your blog and got 2 treasures! :)

  6. Love the lattice in the bread basket but can't wait to see what you do with the giant spool.

  7. The basket is too cute and the napkins have my name all over them. I would love to win them. Don't rush on the big spool. Think of something truly unique.

  8. Both are beautiful, count me in for your sweet giveaway!

  9. I love that your husband brings home things for you that you might be able to use in some future project. Whenever I used to drag home some abandoned treasure my ex would fold his arms and scowl at me. Very cute basket. Your daughter has a good eye. Must take after mom!

  10. Love all the wire spools! Yes on a table to sit at with your largest one, but how about outdoor smaller side tables with the others (stack 2 together?) and a tiki-type torch in the middle to keep the mosquitoes away?

  11. Love the finds Cristina! I need to go to a flea market...

  12. Oh, I think your daughter is a natural--just love the unique basket. Can't wait to see what you do with your various spindles/reels you've collected. Now I have to follow just to see--please share when you do!

  13. Love the embroidered napkins, thanks for the chance to win!

  14. Great giveaway --- thanks so much!

  15. Your daughter is how old? Good eye already. :-) I'm a sucker for pretty napkins and tablecloths too.

  16. What a great basket and the cloth napkins are adorable! Thanks for the chance to win these!

  17. Wow, your daughter is taking after you! Great find.

  18. The criss-cross of the basket is unusual. Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  19. I love the idea of offering some of your treasure/finds for your readers. That's a wonderful idea. I love garage and estate saling and in my small one-bedroom home, I am seriously beginning to run out of room.

  20. The cloth napkins are adorable. I need to go to a fleat market. Thanks.

  21. Hello from Australia. Love your flea market finds. It is my dream to visit some markets in the US, I would have to ship everything home. I would use the wooden spools as a table. I have seen them with dowel rods dividing up the lower circle to hold your books and magazines.

  22. My grandma had that game! It is so much fun, and with some practice, it becomes kind of a puzzle to finish everything, it’s cool!

  23. You found so many lovely things. You are so sweet to offer them in a giveaway. Congrats to the winner.

  24. Love all your wonderful finds. I do not expect to be in the giveaway because I just found your blog. But I am a winner because I am your newest follower.

  25. Great finds at great prices! I can't believe that bread basket and you are giving it away!!!

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