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The Ice House Museum

Does it happened to you too? 
You go on a vacation, enjoy your time, visit lots of places, take tons of photos, 
return back home to unpack and continue life as usual...

 a year later when looking for something totally different, 
you come up to those pretty pictures you have completely forgotten!

Well, these ARE those pictures.

Our last year vacation was spent in New York and New Hampshire 
where we were very happy and lucky to stay 

While there, among many other interesting places in New London, NH we visited The Ice House Museum.
What a charming place!

The Ice House is the working legacy of Bill Kidder. His father established the first garage in New London, but later on Bill ran the Kidder Garage and bought the Ice Hose Building to store customers' cars and his own collection. He was constantly polishing, tinkering, repairing, and restoring things.

This, the Ford Building...

Houses a good collection of automobiles from around the turn of the 20th century.

One building led to seven more...

He loved to collect items from or near New London.

The Ice House Museum offers unique hands on experience for visitors of all ages. My son was amazed at how these slot machines worked. There were lots of pennies that he could use and re-use until he "won" big time. ☺

Besides antique Ford automobiles, you can also find horse drawn carriages, animal power-treadmills...

Refrigerators, washing machines, children's ride-on toys, steam whistles, padlocks...

The list goes on and on... Friends and customers, would drop off things for Bill to work on and rescue instead of bringing them to the dump. So, I better let you see what captured my eye.

The first fire engine.

Before his death in 2005, Bill with his family and advisers, established The Ice House Museum to continue his passion for this amazing collection.

For more information visit The Ice House Museum page right HERE.
If you want to support the Ice House Museum Click HERE.


  1. Me encanta visitar estos museos que nos transportan a tiempo atrás, un tour precioso, gracias por compartir!!
    Un abrazo

  2. I love all of your pictures! So many treasures! I love that old cash register too. What a fun trip that must have been, thanks for sharing:-)


  3. I thought this was going to be about an early refrigerated place! We love old cars and would enjoy that place. The city LONDON, ON on the lid of that barrel caught my eye, my son lives in London, Ontario where he goes to university!

  4. Que cantidad de cosas antiguas hay en esa casa Cristina ! Debe haber sido realmente entretenido visitar un lugar así !! Que tengas un óptimo comenzó de semana

  5. This is kinda cool that you posted your visit to this place right now. We just got back from a trip where we visited a 40 acre museum, similar to this one. Unfortunately my phone went dead before I finished the tour and missed out on a lot of photo opportunities. Glad you took some great photos to share.

  6. Looks like a place I would like to visit too!

  7. Fun trip!!!! My husband would love that shop!!!!

  8. I'm glad you found them again to share with us Cristina - just wonderful and very interesting!

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