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DIY - Old Window Memo Board

Hi friends,
This is another office makeover post. I know! I was supposed to finish this project in only two weeks and here I am, almost a month later with another project!

My excuse? Hmmm  Most of the projects were finished during the two week period before my guest arrived, only that I didn't have time to take pictures and then when she arrived I didn't want to bother her bringing my camera and getting in the room and perhaps moving her belongings around.


I asked her to help me put a little bit of herself in the room instead...
And she did it gladly ;)  Here she is, creating a bunting to decorate the memo board.

As I showed you in my previous post about how the office looked before, I had two of these windows in here but they were too much for this small room. Only one window is more than enough.

Since my window had the glass panes in place, and I didn't want to remove them, ¼" plywood chalkboards to fit inside the panes were added using mounting tape --> double-sided mounting tape is the secret ;)

Remnants of the burlap sack I used to cover the chair HERE, were used to cover two pieces of cork board, a previous project no longer in use. Mounting tape and onto the window.

Ha, it looked waaay better, but still missing something on the two high panes.

I was looking around the house for a couple of small wired pencil holders, I know I have them, but who knows where?! I Couldn't find them. Instead, two of these iPhone boxes crossed my path.
We don't have iPhones, the story of these boxes goes back to Christmas when I was looking for cardboard boxes to wrap presents and found out our neighbor was throwing away lots of small boxes, we picked the ones we liked and found the smaller phone boxes inside... too pretty to throw them away :)

Black served me well, nothing to do to them, so, again mounting tape was the secret ;)

Instant small storing solutions.

My niece's art: Sonrie (Smile), some of her and my kids pictures this Summer and it's all done!

Yeah, it's making me smile each time I see it :)

Hey, the full makeover is coming soon.

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  1. So creative, I like the box idea! The window looks so much better with things on it, brings the room to life.

  2. Que linda esta tu hija ! Tiene como la edad de mis hijas ! Ufff adolescente je je ,, me gusto mucho la idea de hacer un pinboard de esa ventana

  3. Love how it turned out,sure brightens up the room!

  4. So sweet and cute. I love old windows.

  5. Great idea using old Iphone boxes for your memo board! You have made her feel right at home with the bunting and how she can add a bit of herself to your wonderful room makeover with the memo board! and....I learned a new word today too...sonrie!

  6. It looks great. I love the iphone box idea! Genius!!

  7. Sharing on fb today! Thanks for linking up with us!

  8. Te salio super bien y me encanta la idea de las cajas del los iPhones. Looks great!


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