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It Doesn't Cut it as an Office Any Longer

This is my first time posting about this room, my office/guest bedroom. It was painted chocolate brown about seven years ago. A long surface was brought in as a desk, and I loved it!

It worked nicely as an office, but soon after, we had a guest, so a small bed was also added.

The bed was taken in and out of the room many times. It took a lot of work to bring it up and down the basement, so it's been here for the past two years.

Having the bed in here made the room too crowded, and I preferred to work elsewhere. It became our "storage room," and if I had something that I didn't like, it went there. 

I got two extra windows—hmmm, maybe for the office, I thought (and no, I didn't like them in there)—but anyway, they stayed.

Lately, the person who uses this bedroom is my husband. The guy snores badly, so this is the place he gets refuge from my kicking and pushing to stop him from snoring :(

This is how he decorated the window. :D 

That's one more reason I didn't like to get in there, as I didn't want to mess up his drapes.

This is the Roman shade beneath all that mess. Mr. RLC complains I did a pretty lousy job on this shade because the light comes through the sides, so he needs to cover the whole thing. :/

Well, I have finally decided to give this small room a makeover, not that I really want to, but a visitor, one of my nieces, is coming over, and I don't want her all depressed in this room. She is coming in two weeks, and I'm just starting! Talk about pressure :/

Last week, I kept on working, but I still have nothing pretty to share.  :( The first thing to be removed from the room was the bed. Well, temporarily, as my guest will need something to sleep on.

Then, those old computers! One of them is heading straight to the trash, and the other still holds my accounting program, so that one needs to stay, at least for now. Look at all the cables... and dust!

First, the chair rail had to be removed to remove the desk's top surface. 

All the chair rails around the room were removed. I had to pat myself on the back for not using glue on it. It was easy to remove.

However, the wall had to be patched after removing the strands of caulking attached to it.

Two coats of spackle, sometimes three coats, and waiting for it to dry. Oh, plus the sanding between coats until everything is perfectly smooth. 

All of this is easy to do, but it takes time.

Since I was trying to cover a dark-colored wall, I turned to my trusty brand-> Kilz, to prime it; two coats and it was ready for paint.

 Two coats of Behr Off White, and now I have a white canvas to work on.

My next target: The yucky carpet.

You see? Lots of work besides the regular household chores and still nothing to show off. 

Oh, and I also spent time planting in the garden. My sister gave me lots of little plants after she cleaned her garden. :) I'm now waiting for them to grow. That's exciting!


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  1. You are on your way. Can't wait to see the final product.

  2. My husband is a snorer too, but I was the one leaving to another room since he has to get up each morning to go to work. I finally talked him into getting a mouth piece from the dentist and it WORKS! Has your husband tried this? Can't wait to see the room reveal.

  3. Glad you have that spare room for your snorer! hahaha! Your mini make-over I'm sure will be anything BUT mini Cristina! Knowing you, I know you'll make this room cute and functional for both of you. On a side note, I too need to work on the guest room/office in the basement since our guest room upstairs will eventually become the nursery! Good luck dear, for sure I'll be following in on your progress!

  4. Oh- You are SO like me. We had a baptism here the DAY BEFORE I ripped the sitting room up, repainted and redecorated it....CRAZY!!!! At least you have a few days left! lol That is a lot of work what you are doing. At least I started with smooth walls!
    It is going to be so nice when it is done.

    OMG- Your hubby is like my own. He says he can't sleep if a SPECK of light is coming into the room...there is something wrong with those guys. x0 Diana

  5. better later than never :) Looks like you are well on your way. Look forward to see it finished

  6. Knowing you, there is no doubt in my mind you will get it done. You are doing great. Can not wait to see it finished. My husband snores like a bear also, LOL and like you, I spent my nights pushing and kicking. Got to love them!

  7. Can't wait to see it finished! You always do a great job! My hubby snores less now that he has lost some weight... :)

  8. good luck on your makeover! it already looks like you've made major progress!

  9. I love working under pressure. I can't wait to see.

  10. I know it will look great! I can't wait to see what you do in here. I'm so with you on the snoring husband. I try to turn him on his side at night and that helps. It is comical considering he is twice my size. I use hands, feet, shoulders and whatever else I have to flip him over lol.

  11. I know you will work your brilliance on this space and we will all be swooning in two weeks time!

    :) Linda

  12. Ja ja yo te bien echo a mi marido porque ronca ! Y tambiƩn destine un lugar para el ,,, que lindo cambio con ese blanco en las paredes Cristina

  13. Wow you work fast. You will have that bedroom completed before I can even blink! Looking forward to the final reveal!

  14. I love the inspiration bed. I'm redoing a small guest room and I'm trying to decide what kind of bed to use. Good luck with your redo. Can't wait to see the results!

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