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DIY - Water Hose Holder

On my previous posts about organizing the garage by installing a wall storage system, I cleaned around and removed some of the items that were hung on the wall.  My husband was quick to bring the sled and hose to the backyard. Since the sled came with a hook, he  installed it immediately on the fence. The water hose on the other hand, didn't get the special treatment, he just threw it on the middle of the yard :/

I wasn't a bit happy about that. I've been cleaning the backyard, planting flowers and trying to make it look pretty, a hose right in the middle or it all, didn't look good. >:(

Luckily, the playset came to the rescue one more time, I still had some wood remnants from it, and out of that wood my new hose holder was built.

Three pieces of wood, as you can see in the picture below (the lower support was cut at 45° angles), were used. Pocket holes were done to connected it to one of the posts on the fence.

The smallest piece was attached to the 12" board, using regular 3" screws.

Then, it was brought to the backyard to be installed on the fence.

As a decoration, an outdoor faucet was attached right on its front.

And a metallic water sign was added to the fence.

Oh, it looks way better than laying there on the ground.

The best part was its cost, zero, nothing, nada de nada! and that's the best ;)


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  1. That is super cute and Yankee ingenuity at its finest!

  2. I like this a lot! Very cute. pinning. found at the scoop linky. Have a great week.

  3. Free...and you can wind it on your arm and just throw it on! Love it! I like your cute water sign too!

  4. Que genial y buena idea para la manguera del jardín Cristina !, que tengas buenas noches

  5. Of course, even your hose holder has to be DIY Cristina, I wouldn't expect anything less! Love it!

  6. Necessity is the mother of all inventions. Great job! :)

  7. You are good!! You come up with the greatest ideas and projects.
    Thanks so much for stopping by.
    Mary Alice

  8. I'm taking notes... I still have a cheap plastic hose holder! Love this!

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