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Easter Tablescape

Easter is almost here, how wonderful! My son has asked me for the hundredth time when is Easter break? Well, next week...Next week! 
He is already tired of all the homework he's had to deal with during all this year, quite a lot compared with last year's when he was a fifth grader.

We're going to be home, taking a well deserved break ;) just spending quality family time. And with that in mind, I was working last week on all my Easter projects, the mantel and this tablescape among others.

The table's certerpiece is the Easter egg tree, its soft colors were the palette for the whole arrangement.
tablescape for Easter with and Easter egg tree centerpiece
The placemats I used for this tablescape were a nice re-purposed project. Long time ago when I was in love with everything black and white, I bought these black plastic placemats at CB2.  They came in handy once again, after spray painting them white. Then, using some round stickers, I gave them a polka-dot treatment.
And what a difference! I can truly say paint never ceases to amaze me.

I was planning on having a brunch. We love tea, so the tea set was brought in, the mismatched cups and saucers were brought in too.

When I got the little figures for the Easter tree at the thrift store I also got the cute rabbit inside the shoe and the other driving the carrot :)  Only one buck each, was a great deal. The pink gingham table runner was also bought there, $2. The only thing is it's not exactly a table runner, it is a window balance, but hey its good to think outside the "window" ;) I did nothing to it, it works perfectly well as a runner too.

You already know my daughter is taking a ceramics class, well, this little house is one of her latest creations, isn't it lovely?!  Her other creation, the white bunny is back at the table too.

The napkins were an after season sale at Target last year.

This is my Easter table, but let me tell you, we have already used it a couple of times, why wait, don't you think?! Little hands have placed many of the figures in different spots on the table...

And that makes me happy :) Having stuff that is enjoyed, that the kids can touch. There is still a whole week or even more, to enjoy this nice setting.

Happy Easter Everyone!


  1. That is all so cute... love the bunny driver! I don't decorate for Easter any more, my children are all in their 20s and now I'm too lazy to get anything out, LOL

  2. Your daughters creations are beautiful. She certainly has a talent! Love your table design Cristina. Makes me want to hop a plane and spend Easter right at your table! Cheers

  3. This is so beautiful Cristina and so adorable!! Love the placemats and all the pastels!

    Thank you by the way for your greeting! We are all so excited with this coming baby!!!

  4. I agree, pretty tables are meant to be enjoyed.

  5. This is absolutely adorable and a kid's dream come true!

  6. Yes, it's totally adorable and whimsical Cristina, you have created a fun and lovely table with such great attention to detail, such as the many sweet bunnies scattered aorund the setting and the three tier server is amazing! My grands ( and me too!) would be in a dream sitting here! Enjoy your weekend.

  7. How very, very, very cute your table is. My favorite is that bunny in the carrot mobile though. lol xo Diana

  8. I have been admiring your centerpiece since I first saw it when you posted it, and it is such fun to see your whole table come together. I LOVE the purple polka dot mats! Everything is adorable!

  9. It is save to say that my kids would LOVE to eat at your table! It is so fun! The place mats look amazing! I should be more like you and do fun stuff like this, you are so cool Cristina!

  10. Love, love those place mats!!! Also, the pretty colors that you chose for the table are so very "Easter"!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday.

  11. I would love to sit down at your lovely Easter table. The centerpiece is awesome with the darling easter characters inside the eggs. Your recreation of the place mats is a great touch. Have fun with the children on Easter and I love the teacups and saucers for tea!


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