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Flea Market Time

Saturday morning was the first flea market of the year, it was fun to be there once again. The day was sunny, beautiful, but cooooold, not surprisingly there weren't many vendors or shoppers. However, that didn't mean there weren't any good deals because I got a few. ;)

The item that I liked the most was this green glass bottle, such a striking color! Its price, equally striking, $1.

A metal basket, hmmm no, it's more like a metal tray, I love its size and pattern.

I'm thinking it would look great painted a very rich color but haven't decided which one yet. It's price $2.

Don't you love wooden spools? I do. Love the metal and screws on this one too.  $.50

I didn't want to buy frames, I already have a good amount of them somewhere in the basement but somehow I got fixated in these, perhaps because gold is coming back? Go figure.  $1 each.

It was good to have company that day, it was my husband the one who got a great deal on this tool ;) $1.

Last but not least, this modern candle holder still in its packing box! Love the different elevations for the candles. I can picture it on one of my tablescapes ;)   It was only $2.

Well, here is the whole lot. Only $8.50 not but at all, right?

I like to go to thrift stores, garage sales and to the ReStore, but their prices are not good enough for me. The flea market is the place where I always find great deals. I guess it all depends where you live, here in the DC area I also find good deals on Craiglist. How about you? Where do you live?


  1. I need to get to this flea market. :) You always have such great finds.

  2. Megan, This is a flea market organized by the Germantown Historical Society, first Saturday of every month, April to October- here is the link:
    Let me know whenever you plan on coming, it would be great to grab a cup of coffee and go thrifting! ;)

  3. I love the flea market. We have a HUGE one on every first sunday of the month.. something like 4000 vendors.. It took me 5 hours to walk through. I am trying hard to have a reason to buy stuff though.. I feel like I am becoming a hoarder! :)

    If anyone else is in the Bay Area.. this is the link:
    It is a GREAT sale (they used to film HGTV 'flea market flip' and other shows there) and there is a rule that stuff has to be at least 20 years old, so they call it an antiques fair. (although I don't consider things from the 90s as 'antiques') :D

  4. Flea Markets are one of my favorite weekend past times. I've practically decorated our whole home on Fantastic Flea Market Finds. It's amazing at what you can buy for a buck! I live in National City, CA. With a Flea Market only a 5 minute drive away and open every weekend. Oh so tempting! :0)

  5. Those are great finds, especially the bottle and tray. Here in Saginaw Michigan we don't have a flea market anymore. I make my rounds to the thrift stores and I am now officially a hoarder!

  6. Cristina,
    We enjoyed going to that flea market in Germantown when we lived there. We moved to Tennessee last May and now feed our need for bargains by going to estate sales and yard sales. Looks like you found some nice buys!
    Sue. (

  7. How I wish we were neighbors! I know what we would be doing on those Saturdays! You got some excellent deals!!

  8. Cristina- Those are just great finds. No flea markets in our area yet-it is still TOO cold! xoDiana

  9. Fabulous finds Cristina! Can't wait to go flea-ing again soon!!!! Love the green bottle the most!

  10. I love the wooden spool and glass. I find my great finds all over just depends on the day.

  11. Que buenas compras en el mercado de las pulgas ,, ya nos mostrarĂ¡s que haces con todo,,,

  12. Such great finds! I agree thrift stores are charging too much these days. I have to confess I have never been to the flea market! Obviously I need to fix that! I am sure there are good ones in the Denver area! Oh, and I love the wooden spool, I have a couple I have collected, there is just something cool about them!

  13. The wooden spool is great! All your finds are my kind of prices! I usually do best (price wise) at garage sales, but there are 2 flea markets I go to that I get decent pricing and more unique items.

  14. Those are great finds and a little of everything! that is what is great about flea markets. The garage sales and flea markets are just starting here in Upstate NY.....not in full swing yet. I've picked up a few good things. My husband likes to go with me too so that is always fun. I get my best buys at the Volunteers of America stores here...there are four around me!

  15. I love the bamboo inserts on the picture frames. I can envision the candle holder so many ways, great piece for $2. I love Flea Markets that have a old and new items. Never know what great deal you will find.

  16. Since the candelabra was in its box, do you know where it came from? I would love to see if I can find one like it online!

    1. Hi Lindsay, Well, the box is long gone, but I remember it didn't have markings/labels. I have no idea where it came from. Sorry about that! :(

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