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Cherry Blossom Festival - Washington DC

Cherry blossom festival at washington D.C. overlooking the Jefferson Memorial past the tidal basin

Our weekend couldn't be any better; the weather was GORGEOUS! I kept working on a project all day Saturday, but our Sunday was enjoyed at the Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington, DC.

We've been at the festival almost every year since our daughter was a baby. Nowadays, she is the one who keeps on looking for the perfect day to go.

The blossoms were beautiful!
Cherry blossoms in bloom Dc

A few trees had a darker pink tone...
Dark pink cherry blossoms

But most of them were sporting these light romantic pinks.
light pink blossoms in full bloom - DC

The trees, a gift from Japan in 1912 as a symbol of friendship between the two nations, are placed around the Tidal Basin, connecting many monuments.
Tidal Basin with Jefferson Memorial on the back

As usual...Lots of people! Every year I say the same...It looks like there were more people than in previous years ☺ The weather always plays a good role in this equation, however with good weather or not, the festival draws thousands of visitors from all around the globe.
Lots of people from all around the globe during cherry blossom festival in DC

The Jefferson Memorial is our favorite backdrop. Here with my son, my daughter had company, and she went on her own for most of the day.
Cristina Garay and son during Cherry blossom festival DC

The National Cherry Blossom Festival isn't only about the cherry trees; the festival coordinates daily events featuring diverse and creative programming of the arts and culture. Most programs are free and open to the public, like the community art show, the parade, and many performances.

Cristina Garay and son during cherry blossom festival DC

My son doesn't like pictures that much; I was the model of the day. My husband was happy-go-lucky, pressing the trigger. Of course, I leave you with the ones I liked the most ;)
Cristina Garay at Cherry blossom festival Washington DC

Cristina Garay and daughter during cherry blossom festival Dc

Cristina Garay at WW2 memorial Washington DC

tidal basin washington dc

If you have yet to visit the nation's capital, Spring would be one of the best times to stroll around.

Check these other places around the area:

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  1. I've been to D.C. but not in the springtime, it's beautiful with the cherry blossoms. You look wonderful and the kids too!

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love the Cherry Blossoms. I can't wait to take the kids one year all together. :)

  3. How beautiful! I wish I could go in the spring!

  4. Christina you are just lovely.. You were the perfect model...I wish I took great pics like that.. Your children are lovely too.. I have been to DC many times but never during the cherry blossoms... I hope to do that one day.. the blooms were just beautiful.. We had warm temps this past weekend too.. Freezing temps tonight.. I hope all of our blooms and buds are not destroyed.. Blessings!

  5. I don't think there is anything much more beautiful than DC during cherry blossom time. Gorgeous! We were there several years ago and it was spectacular. Glad you could enjoy it- xo Diana

  6. I love love love DC! I've been dying to go again. Thanks for the small taste!

  7. Such beautiful pictures. Glad you enjoyed the day with your family.

  8. Oh so pretty as I look out our window at yet again, more Your hubby took some amazing pictures of you and your kids! You all look wonderful!!

  9. When I saw you FB photos, I wanted to ask for more! I knew the cherry blossoms would be in full bloom in DC this year and I really hope someday to see them all up close! You and your family are beautiful, and your photos, exquisite! Thanks!

  10. Que estupenda amiga querida , lindas fotos y se ve que llego la primavera por ahí,,,Que tengas una linda Semana Santa

  11. I've been to DC, but have just missed the Cherry Blossoms! Someday I am going to make it there while they are in full's on my bucket list:)

  12. Thank you so much for these pictures! I grew up outside DC and would always go to the festival with my family. I miss the cherry blossoms so much!

  13. Christina, you are a beautiful model! These are lovely photos. Visiting DC during the Cherry Blossom Festival is on my list. Thank you for taking us along.

  14. Beautiful photos! I've always wanted to see these trees in person ... hopefully, next year:)

  15. The only thing prettier than the cherry blossoms in your pictures are you!!!! Gorgeous!!!

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