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Teen Girl Room Reveal

I am SO happy that this room is all done. It's been a loooong time since I began working on it, my final deadline was to have it ready before Christmas and I'm glad that deadline was met.

Well, this is a reveal, so be prepared for lots of pictures. What better way to begin than with a picture of the room and its owner in it! don't you think so? 

She is the girl who wanted a Navy blue room with polka dots, green, and black...

And little bits of purple too!
Behr - Southern Evening

It was a big makeover from her previous pink room, as you can see.

The biggest change came with paint, only one wall was painted navy blue, and all the other walls are white.   Wall decals were then added.

The padded headboard got converted into a picture frame headboard.

A light blue polka dot sheet set from T.J Maxx, pom pom organic pillow from PB Teen, and hand-made drop cloth pillows with a purple ruffle give her bed a comfy feel.

I love moldings and all the architectural detail they bring, so it was a good opportunity for me to install a wooden cornice in this room, the window bench that she requested looks way better with a cornice above it.

The old dresser got a coat of paint and to its sides, the bench or benches were built.

This is the place she has really enjoyed, looking out the window, listening to her favorite music, or reading a book.

Sometimes she just pulls the little side table...

To work on her clay projects.

It is simply amazing all the detail she puts on to her tiny art!

Linotype drawer is a perfect way to display all of her work.

Underneath the benches, the storage baskets were personalized with tags and paint. I made the bench cushions and with the same fabric, plain curtains from Target were also personalized.  The pom-pom organic throw was the other splurge from PB Teen.

The desk area was built from two base cabinets from PB (an outlet sale for $100/each), her uncle built the hutch and gave her the counter in her color of choice. 

The entire built-in was top-off with added crown molding to give it more structure and elegance.

The chair was a CL find, it had a little problem that I could fix, for only $30 and a flirty slipcover, it was a good deal.   

You can check all de details about the SLIPCOVER right HERE.

The girly girl chair needed a companion and for less than three dollars this Circles pillow was created.

More storage baskets were placed on the shelves, we girls need tons of storage ;)

Ikea storage boxes and spotlights, T.J Maxx wired box, and two economical Wal-mart boards completed the desk area.

The polka dot pen is one of her clay creations.

Two rods installed on the bookcases keep her bracelets and necklaces organized.

The left side of the room sports the dresser that got a big makeover so it could fit properly in this room. Its legs were changed to match the ones in the PB base cabinets for the desk.

I love the new pendant lights from The Home Depot, they don't take space from her bedside tables and that makes a huge difference in rooms as small as this.

The purple tray was also a flea market find that got a big overhaul.

On this side of the room is also her closet. Its doors aren't usually open like this, and you must know why. In there I simply painted a green striped pattern on the wall.

On the side to the left of the closet, a piece of her old playground surrounds the mirror. Yes, the frame was built with pieces of her damaged playground.  Check it out HERE.

I already told you how we girls need lots of storage, for jewelry, shoes, clothes, more clothes, make-up, books, and of course bags!

Behind the door was the perfect place to nail some pieces of molding with hooks on it and VOILA! her display of bags is on.

I've already told you so many times, that she is our young musician, her favorite instrument is the flute, but she also plays the piano and guitar.  She is even trying to help her brother with the clarinet!  

Well, I tried to bring music elements into her room, like this music sheet art...

A music-love-peace sign was painted on the back of the chair's slipcover.

Or the music sheet-covered ornaments by the side of the wintry Christmas tree.

It was all about making the room, her room!

I'm so glad she loves it.

Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Am I the first?! Well, not for long. You're going to have a TON of comments here! Cristina, I am so impressed. The whole room is just amazing, and I love all the projects you did to make this room what it is. Just so creative. I'm sure your daughter is VERY happy with it! I'm pinning it for ideas for my daughter's room makeover, whenever I get around to it! And great job that you got it done before Christmas!! I'm so proud of you!!

  2. Cristina, you gave your daughter's room such a beautiful makeover. I am so impressed by all of your DIY projects. I can imagine how much she loves her new room. Awesome job, my friend.

  3. Christina,

    What a fabulous transformation! I just adore all the little personalized details. You have one lucky teen girl there -- and I'm not surprised that she's thrilled with her new space!

    :) Linda

  4. you have done an A-M-A-Z-I-N-G job! What a great transformation!!!

  5. WOW! This belongs in a magazine, I love every bit! Especially the window seat, perfect for a girl to hang out. I'm thinking how I can stick one in my little girls room. Beautiful job!
    PS her clay creations are AWESOME!

  6. Hi, Cristina

    How gorgeous! I love all the details you put into this room. The headboard, the window box seat, pillows I just love it all. You gave me so ideas for my girl's room. Thanks so much for sharing.


  7. really W-O-W Cristina! you did a good job on this room! wish i had this room when i was a teenager :( really pretty...i like the way her clay art were displayed and how artistic your daughter is! i know that you put in a lot of work for this room to finally be called "her room"...and plus your daughter loves it!!

    ps:you're a great mom!

  8. This is an awesome room, You did such a wonderful job. I am in love with her clay art, as well as how you displayed them!! Priceless! The colors in this room are so well pulled together.

  9. I can't even begin to say how spectacular this is! It is the perfect room for a teen girl. This is the room I wish I would've had when I was a teenager!

    I love how you used the drawer on the wall to display her creations. That is so clever! I really am very impressed. Well done!

    PS - Thanks so much for the sweet comment about Buttercup. I really appreciate it.

  10. I love it too. What a gorgeous room for your teenage daughter, you've done such an amazing job - I wish I'd had a room like that when I was growing up, in fact I'd quite like to have a room like that now !!

  11. What a great room for a young woman. It came out beautifully!

  12. Cristina- I don't even know where to start- that is an awesome room. Your attention to the littlest detail is amazing. As the kids here would say....COOL!!!! I bet she will love it for a LONG time- xo Diana

  13. I don't know where to start! Everything is like a dream, carefully planned and flawless execution! Love love love her tiny art <3 and the drawer display, perfect!

  14. Cristina, I am just amazed!!! This is the most gorgeous young girls room I have ever seen!!! Every detail is just gorgeous!!! You did an amazing job!!!

  15. What a wonderful room. Thanks so much for sharing.

  16. Wow, Christina--what a gorgeous bedroom makeover! I love that deep navy wall--such a bold color choice, and perfect with the greens and lavenders that you used as well. Those clay pieces that she creates are fabulous, and the linotype drawer is such a clever way to display them--love it! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog today and leaving a sweet comment--I'm glad you enjoyed my blue mist vignette!

  17. My goodness Christina...are you sure you are not an interior decorator?! I think maybe this is your calling, sweet friend. Your daughter's room is fabulous, sweet, elegant and perfectly executed and planned with your talented mind..perfect also for her transition from child to teen now. The blue and other color choises are lovely and different, it's genious! With the great clay pieces she creates, your display idea is fabulous and fabulous the entire room is. Thanks for your visit, I missed you hon. Happy holidays.

  18. What talent your daughter has - a true artist! My daughter plays the flute too! Gorgeous headboard, window seat, bracelet display! Will you be my mommy?!
    Pinning furiously!

  19. Looks great! I bet she loves it! Found you at Its Overflowing.


  20. This is beautiful! I had to chuckle to myself, my 13 year old daughter loves to wear mis-matched socks, too, and she is also really good at making sculpey figurines. We are getting ready to do her room over right after Christmas!

  21. Cristina, this is a dream room for any teen girl! You did a fabulous job incorporating all her ideas to create this wonderful haven for your daughter.
    Mary Alice

  22. Well, how beautiful it is!
    I think that every girl has a dream off a room like that.
    Thank you so much for your post!

  23. TE QUEDO UNA HABITACION SOÑADA!!! Gracias por visitar mi blog, tenes una seguidora mas!!!! Me encanta lo bonita que es tu casa!!! Saludos!!!!

  24. You did a wonderful job! What a beautiful room (and daughter)! There are so many great ideas I don't know what to comment on. Love her clay figurines. Talented young lady!

    I played the flute and piccolo in HS and then an Army Reserve band many moons ago. Still love the sound. Dropping by from Met Monday.


  25. I love it--so unique and beautiful and fun!

  26. This is one lucky girl! Love the storage ideas.

  27. I love you teen girl room. I love your blog you have a New follówer from chile

  28. Christina, You did a fantastic job! This room is packed with great ideas, looks like it belongs in the Pottery Barn Teen catalog.

  29. WOW! This room is UNBELIEVABLY Perfect! My daughter is so similar to yours in the creativity department, I adore it!!! You must be so incredibly proud of all her accomplishments! I'm going to show this to Little B after school today! She's going to squeal! XO, Aimee

  30. WOWZA, I love every inch of this room, just gorgeous!!!!! Thanks for linking, featuring next week.XO

  31. Love the color combo and the storage! Very well done. I really like how your daughter personality is so infused in the space.

  32. You did a great job! There are so many details in this room! I really love the display with her clay figurines.

  33. Wonderful! I know your daughter loves her new space. Great job and I love her clay figures.

  34. The room looks great. I have just done the same thing with my daughter's room. My daughter has gone from pink to Lilac. I still in the final stages of transformation.


  35. I love the color scheme , not too girly!

  36. The new room looks great!
    I enjoyed all the details. Lovely linotype tray, I'm a fan of them, muy last post is sharing my Christmas one.
    Besos, Silvina

  37. everything about this room is so pretty, I keep coming back

  38. Cristina, this room looks amazing!!! You are a true genius! I betcha her creative juices will flow more with this new and inspiring personal space! love how you displayed those art behind her bed and how you put those clay figurines on display! Great job as always!

  39. wow--so much attention to detail! Great job!

  40. Beautiful! My teenage daughter and I are trying to come up with ideas for her bedroom and are getting so frustrated because we can't find any kind of bedding that she's looking for. I'm going to show her your daughter's amazing room for some inspiration!

  41. Wow! Wish I would have found your site a long time ago! May I ask the name/brand of the off white wall color on the other walls (other than the navy blue)?

  42. Hi,

    I luckily stumbled upon your site as I searched for images of navy blue bedrooms. My daughter wants no more of the pinky pink that is currently on her walls - she has asked for navy blue. Would you mind sharing the color and brand of navy blue paint that you used? Also, is the ceiling painted a lighter shade of blue, or is that just a reflection of the wall color?

  43. Hi Tania, The navy blue color is Behr Southern Evening flat. The ceiling is a light shade of blue, it was painted long time ago, I don't have the color or brand on that one.

  44. Wow! You did such an amazing job on this room. I love all the pretty details and how you really tailored things to her artist/musician interests. What a lucky girl she is!

  45. This is very much satisfied by providing the nice understanding and implement the different technology is visible in this blog. Thanks a lot for sharing the nice implement and providing the great info.

  46. That feature wall is simply stunning! And the headboard art - such a clever idea, it's gorgeous!

  47. Wow! My daughters will love so many elements of this fabulous room! We are in the mists of redoing Meg which is taking a long time…busy days. Amy's is next. Pinning this for us to have for inspiration. If only there was somewhere for the bench.

  48. I think I started following you about the time you posted this, because I was floored by the chair makeover. There are so many amazing things about this room! Thanks for sharing at our party...I chose it as one of my features for tomorrow's features post. XO XO

  49. Love your work! Using a Linotype drawer as a display shelf is a brilliant idea. Also, converting the headboard into a picture frame headboard is far much better than leaving it empty or putting famous singer poster on it. Great post, Cristina. Two thumbs up!

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