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Easy, Last Minute Art

Last time I showed you how I gave old brassy lamps a new life with paint.  You can check for that HERE.

When I finished with the painting and the new beauties were all ready to charm the world, I got inside the house from the garage, looking for the right place to set them up and take some nice pics.

I put them on each side of the fireplace, which was still decorated with the branches and empty frames since the beginning of Spring.  But I didn't like how the new additions looked with the mantel arrangement.

I began thinking about what else I could possibly put in its place. I didn't have many options and I didn't want to go and buy something just for that,even though that idea came to my mind briefly.

The only "piece of art" I had was my "doodle" the wooden board I created long ago with my freestyle painted "doodle".  You can find the story about that HERE.

The thing is, I already grew tired of it,  and I wanted to give the room a more summery look.

So, I had to come up with something. Does it happen to you? Trying to create something new with what you already have? and in your mind you begin eliminating things you put on that list but you already know they are not going to work?

Well, I was there until it hit me. Of course! I bought two pretty pieces of fabric when we were on the shopping spree with my sister. They were suppose to be for decorative pillows but I went to check how they would look here.

The biggest piece, half a yard of that fabric, didn't cover the entire frame. :(  Part of the "doodle"  kept on showing.  So, the "doodle" had to go.

Here you can see the end of my "doodle". All gone with a coat of paint. :'(

I folded the fabric to keep the design aligned and just taped it to the back.

I then placed the fabric centered on the board and used thumb tacks on the sides, stretching the fabric to get rid of wrinkles. Only four tacks on each side of the board were enough. I didn't use glue because I know this is not going to stay there for too long, and I might even re-use the fabric later on.

Along the bottom of the fabric I also attached thumb tacks following the fabric design.

And the same way at the top.

On the back, pieces of tape secured the un-cut fabric.

And that's it! All ready for my photo shoot.

How easy, right?  With so many beautiful fabrics the possibilities are endless.


  1. Cristina- What a great idea and a fun and fast way to get a totally different look. I love the summery feel of it- xo Diana

  2. I love it ... but the poor poor doodle! Let me take a moment of silence for the doodle ...

    In fact, all three mantel looks look fabulous in your beautiful home! And the lamps are to die for!



  3. Super cute! I love how easy that looks. Stopping by from Addicted to Decorating.

  4. You are so talented! It looks gorgeous!

  5. So clever! This gives such a fresh feeling to the room. Love it!

  6. What a great solution to the art issue. Plus, those lamps are champs now.

  7. This looks stunning! Great idea! I look forward to seeing you at My Dream Canvas. Take care Anu

  8. What a fabulous idea and it looks gorgeous!

  9. Fabulous, so pretty! Thanks for linking up.

  10. Looks great! I love the design and colors.

  11. Its looks stunning, just beautiful. I love the colors and the natural simplicity.

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  12. So pretty! It turned out great! Thanks for sharing this idea.
    - Diana at Diana Meredith Designs

  13. Love it, where did you get the fabric, what is its name/designer?

  14. Hi Jessica,

    I went through my big pile of receipts to check if there was a name on it! And Yes!

    The name of that fabric is Zazzle Village I bought it at Hancock Fabrics.

  15. Fabulous! I shared it on my fb page. Thanks for linking to Cowgirl Up this week.
    :) Samantha @ crafty texas girls

  16. This is my favorite so far! Love it, love that is was easy and love the fabric!


  17. What a great idea! And the entire room is just beautiful!

  18. Great idea! I may have to try that, since you can change it with the seasons too!

  19. What a great idea! I love it! I love your other art pieces as well!

    Visiting from DIY Show Off

  20. So fun, Cristina! Beautiful fabric and brilliant idea! So simple with such a big impact! Great job!

  21. Since I'm so late seeing this post it might not be timely but love it anyway. Very nice printed fabric. The colors and print are very nice, refreshing for summer, looks great above your mantel.
    We don't have Hancock fabrics here (Grand Junction, Co) so will look for something at JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby. I seem to find more at HL at better prices, maybe just cause I'm used to the fabrics better. I love the brushed cotton with lots of great patterns, use my 40% off coupon. I have a big canvas that might work very nicely, then to find where to hang in it l/r. Do some rearranging, think it's time for it. Happy week. Your home is very nice.

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