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The Power of Paint

It may sound like a cliche, but paint never ceases to amaze me!

Last week I was searching for a dresser on Craiglist, I need one for my daughter's room, I've been looking for it for quite a long time with no success.  Instead, I found these two curvy ladies. That's the actual picture I saw of the lamps. I kind of liked them.  My $15 offer for the pair was accepted immediately. ;)

Friday morning I was picking them, Hubby came with me.  I was surprised at the size of these babies, they are gigantic! But for that price and how well made they are I got them.

Besides the lamps, we also got a yellow working bench  with a vice $free, a cupboard $free, some vinyl discs $free, and some tools $10!  The owners were selling the house and downsizing, they were trying to get rid of many things and those items were the ones we thought we could put to good use.

At home I set to work by first cleaning everything very well. All day Saturday we took care of the bench, moving the one we already have to a new spot and placing the new one in its place.

Sunday I began working with the lamps, covering with painters tape the places I didn't want to paint.

Ready to paint.

I began applying the primer.

After the primer I applied a white spray paint I had and after that a coat of Crystal Clear Enamel because I wanted a glossy finish on them.

Here all painted!

Now it was time to work on the shade.

I decided to change the color of the trim.  I cut pieces of magazine covers and placed them to each side of the trim to protect the shade from paint.

Then, I placed the drum inside a plastic bag.  I thought I could spray paint the trim!  but nope!  The paint didn't stick.

Instead I had to use Acrylic paints to cover the black trim.

I applied a coat of light blue paint, but it was too light. After that, I applied one more coat of Calypso Sky and I liked it ;)

All done!

The new bench on its place.

The old white bench to the right with the cupboard on top.

Then it was time to find a place for my new big lamps!

Their new spot flanking the fireplace seems OK to me. What I don't like that much is the stools where I had to put them on.  I guess I now have to find some proper tables for them or do something to those stools.

Close up.

Check HERE for the easy, last minute art I created for above the mantel.

Don't you love paint transformations?!


  1. Those look amazing Cristina!!! You did such an incredible job transforming and updating them and I too am still amazed at what a big difference a little bit of paint can make. Well done! :-)

  2. I love how great the lines are.. and the monochromatic colors accentuate that. They look great, and fit perfectly next to the fireplace!

  3. Your transformed lamps are beautiful. So much better than the brassy look. What a great haul with all the extras.
    Mary Alice

  4. Totally love them! You did a fabulous job, Thank You for sharing and have a wonderful week!

    Aledia @ Plum Perfect

  5. I love YOUR paint transformation. It looks absolutely wonderful. Not even recognizable from the starting point- xo Diana

  6. perfectly well done Dear... i came here via Stroll thru life and goona pin your this creative project... very lovely indeed

    With Love

  7. Great job. Your lamps came out perfect and great tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Wow, talk about a before and after! What a find, you did an amazing job! Now following you :)

    Tanya @

  9. Great job! The lamps look terrific and your whole scheme is very lovely, fresh and modern. I am your newest follower.

    Susan and Bentley

  10. Cristina,

    Your lamps turned out fabulous! Looks like you got a nice even coat on them. I also really like the art on your mantle. Did you make that as well?

    Thanks for sharing,

  11. That is one AWESOME makeover!!!

    I LOVE it!

  12. Those lamps are a great find. I love how they look after you painted them. Then, adding the color to the trim was just the right touch. You did a wonderful job.

  13. Not a cliche, paint is amazing! Your lamps look fabulous!

  14. Wow they turned out amazing. I did this to some similar lamps that I found at my local thrift store, but they didn't turn out nearly as nice as yours! I am going to have to try again using your directions!! Thanks for putting up instructions!


  15. Hi Cristina!
    I love your lamps! I am actually about to paint some of my own...I have them in my garage all ready to go...too funny!
    I really like your chairs too...
    Great job!

  16. gotta love paint! :)
    great transformation on your lamps.
    shades are great too...who knew spray paint wouldn't stick?

  17. Love what you did with those lamps! The power of paint is incredible! I never thought about painting metal based lamps. I'll never look at ugly/dated lamps the same way again. They look marvelous in your room!

  18. I absolutely LOVE this! Great project! I'd love for you to link up this and any others to my first ever linky party, Ta-Da Tuesday :) check it out HERE ! <3 from your newest follower, I'd be delighted if you'd follow back!
    413 Sparrow Lane

  19. These turned out sooo amazingly Cristina!! I love their size and scale- that is tough to find!! Great score and update:) Thanks so much for sharing it at the Get Your DIY On Fall Challenge: Spray Paint!!

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