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Bar Area / Laundry Room Final Reveal

It's finally done! The messy room is gone and here to stay in this pretty well-organized room with lots of storage space:
laundry room makeover with lots of storage space

My last post was about addressing the storage problems and building a wine rack, you can read all about that here.

The final issue I needed to address was, where to put my Laundry supplies?

Let's begin with that.

Remember my old kitchen, before the renovation? Well,  here is a picture in case you haven't seen it:

I still had those two cabinets that I replaced with the Range Hood and the Refrigerator Enclosure wandering in my garage.

Talking about Reduce...Reuse...Recycle. I got to use them. They were the solution. one of them was a 30" and the other a 36". That's why I didn't have enough space for the two wine racks to fit.

I wanted to put the wine rack shelf in between the two cabinets as you can see here:

The only problem I had to face was that left corner having a 45° angle.

Well, first I had to remove the wire shelving and the ugly border (lately that design look to me like fishes, eewww)

Now, dealing with the corner problem:  I just transferred the angle I had in the room onto the cabinet and cut it with my circular saw. Being very careful not to cut the front frame to keep the cabinet sturdy.

The side panel was saved and re-attached the best possible way I could, with glue and little nails because I wanted to use the little holes on it to put the shelf later on.
Those gigantic holes were going to be fixed on site

Then the cabinets were primed and attached to the wall studs.  There, you can still see the big holes on that 45° cut. The board on top was placed to continue the cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

The board at the bottom was a temporary support for the wine rack installation.

The two cabinets and the wine rack installed:
For how to build this wine rack shelf click here.

Then, I bought from HD a  9"Wx10'Lx2"D piece of wood to use as a long shelf beneath the cabinets.  That was the only piece I bought, all the other materials were remnants from the kitchen.

To better support this shelf, pieces of 1x2 pine were first attached  to the wall studs right underneath, making sure everything was level.     
Notice how the moldings transformed them
I also created a kind of build in all the way to the ceiling to maximized storage space, you can see how to do that, here.

The lower part of the cabinets was finished off with moldings just the same as in the kitchen here.  Everything was primed and painted the same way the kitchen cabinets were done.

I decided to paint the back of that wall with the same brown I painted the Entertainment wall in the Family room to try and finished that paint.  I still got left overs!

But oh well, This is reveal time!  Here are the finished pictures:

laundry room makeover on a budget

As I told you, one step out of this room and you stumble upon the Kitchen table!

laundry room with maytag washer and dryer
I love the extra storage created at the top for those items
you don't use everyday!

laundry room makeover with bar area and wine holder

wall decals in laundry room
I'm loving those circle wall decals I found at Target for 10 bucks!
The Letters "Home is wher... " I just wrote them with Sharpies.

laundry room makeover with bar area

Finally all of my Laundry supplies are enclosed!
lots of storage space in laundry room

how to bring the cabinets up to the ceiling

and I even got extra space for the glass ware! 
laundry room makeover with bar area
Can you spot the gigantic holes on that cabinet? me neither!

Of course I couldn't leave you without the Before and After pic:
before and after of laundry room makeover

That's it for now, I think I need to go do some Laundry, no more excuses, perhaps while enjoying a well deserved glass of wine! :) 

This is how the room looks now after getting tired of the brown wall, check the complete brighter look right HERE.

laundry room makeover with cabinets built up to the ceiling

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  1. Stunning. Unreal. I love how creative you were to use the extra cabinets from the kitchen. fabulous. Such wonderful storage and so pretty. Your laundry is a dream. Hugs, Marty

  2. Cristina it is just beautiful!! I love the pops of red and that little bar area you created is perfect. I would enjoy doing laundry much more if I could make myself a drink while I was at it. LOL!
    Well done! :-)

  3. Wow! It is beautiful Cristina! I love the colored wall behind the washer and dryer. Really makes everything pop and look so fresh. You really have a wonderful gift in decorating and with color. I'm so glad I found your blog and you.

    ♥Lee Ann

  4. Amazing! Can I come do laundry there instead of my dreary basement?!

  5. Beautiful laundry room. And a bar? Who knew laundry could be this much fun. Awesome!! I pinned you!

  6. I love your new laundry, but I have been here a while now and I REALLY LOVE your kitchen makeover, it's gorgeous. Making the cabinets look taller and with the extra molding - just great.
    You're pretty clever and I'm now following on gfc and the new Linky !

  7. Oh my goodness this is so amazing! What a fun room! I have never seen a nicer and more highly functioning laundry room! You did an awesome job...and I love the fun wall cut out that is so unique! I would love for you to come by and link this and any other great project you have up to the Naturally-Nifty Linky Party!

  8. Your laundry room looks absolutely amazing! How great that you were able to use the cupboards from your kitchen. Great job!

  9. Great redo! I'm not sure if doing laundry drives me to drink, or if I'd go do the laundry so I could drink. Either way it makes folding that much better!


  10. wow. very clever and resourceful! it looks really great!

    just curious about the wine - does your laundry room get very warm?

  11. Nice job on your laundry room. I love all the storage space you created. I also posted my laundry room renovation - would love if you could "hop" over and let me know what you think of our new laundry room! Thanks1
    Hugs -

  12. What a nice job on your laundry room! You can never have too much storage! Thank you for sharing at Potpourri Friday!

  13. Hi cristina!!
    nice job!! thank you for your nice comment on my post!! I am a new follower too!

    María from Spain

  14. It looks great!! I also love your kitchen...I really need to paint my cabinets, I'm hoping to get it done soon!

  15. This is awesome! I love that you have a wine rack in there too! What an inviting space :)

    Jacque @theDIYvillage

  16. Oh I love it! Especially the wall behind the washer/dryer how it's a darker color than the ret of the room, and that little shelf, just so cute.

  17. It looks great, I love the colors! The open storage is perfect, I need you to come help me with my laundry room=)

  18. Clearly you are brilliant to have put the bar in the new and lovely laundry room. Very well done.

  19. You have made a lot of great uses out of that space. The cabinets seem to function so well and look great!!

  20. Oh I adore the storage you clever girl!

    I hope you'll stop by my blog. I am hosting a giveaway for a $50 Kirklands gift card.

  21. WOW!!! Awesome job. I love the colors and the way you made those awesome cabinets! I'm your newest Linky follower!

  22. This looks amazing!


  23. Those cabinets don't even look like the same ones! Beautiful job!

  24. Beautiful job! It looks amazing!

  25. Excellent job!
    We are at the end stages of adding a mudroom area to our laundry's so nice to have a second purpose in that area. We have high ceilings like you, and I never thought to add an extra storage area above, I love the way it looks. I think I'll be doing that next :)

  26. I forgot to tell you I am your new follower!

  27. Wow! What an incredible transformation-amazingly creative! I'm your newest follower-stop by for a visit!

  28. How nice is that!? I never would have thought of putting a wine bar in my laundry room but now that I've seen yours I'm jealous! I could totally drink wine and do laundry! LOL. It's perfect.

  29. So happy you linked up to "Cowgirl Up!". I am sharing this on my facebook page today-- great transformation. Stop by my blog and grab a "I was featured" button... great project!

  30. So happy you linked up to "Cowgirl Up!". I am sharing this on my facebook page today-- great transformation. Stop by my blog and grab a "I was featured" button... great project!

  31. I LOVE it! Great job! I'm really loving those cabinets and your colors. You guys are awesome DIYers!

    Thanks for linking it up!

  32. Doing the laundry will be so much better in your beautiful new space! Cheers!

  33. Just looked at all your pics on your blog....great job! Anyone can throw money at a project and make it look good....real talent comes in doing it frugally (doesn't seem like the right word but certainly didn't want to use the word cheap...because he doesn't look cheap AT ALL). Well done, I bet it is much more fun doing laundry now!

  34. That is beyond awesome. Good for you. You can have a party in there! Take a bow, this is a great reveal.

  35. WOW- that is a great transformation! Thanks for sharing this link too - I agree -that might be an option.

  36. Hi, hopping over from Funky Junk. What a great job you did! So nice to have so much storage. My laundry room has lots of storage. I really would like to paint the cabinets red though. Thanks for sharing your transformation.

  37. You are so lucky to be able to spread your kitchen storage out into your laundry. I really like how you've styled it all together, it looks really nice. Especially the wall decals they add a bit of fun and personality :)

  38. Wow! You did a great job, Cristina! Doing a mini makeover in my own laundry room, I can appreciate all that you put into doing yours. Love all the storage you added and that you reused those cabinets from your kitchen.

    Visiting from WUW : )

  39. Fantastic job, Cristina! I like how you created a mini "butler's pantry" right there in your laundry room. It looks wonderful.

  40. Great laundry update, new storage and crisp new look.

  41. I love all the storage you've created! Great job recycling your kitchen cabinets. It must be such a pleasure to be in there now...

  42. I am very impressed! Wonderful transformation with great choices and colors!

  43. What a difference! Your laundry room looks fabulous :)

  44. Felicitaciones, ha hecho un excelente trabajo! ha quedado super funcional, me encanto! Saludos desde BsAs, y continuo leyendo su blog,

  45. I really like how fresh it looks. Perfection!

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