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Laundry Room Reveal - Part 1

As many of you pretty well know, the main problem I was dealing with in my Laundry Room was:

Yes, storage space! That wire shelving was not enough, nor good-looking.
These were the main storage problems that I needed to take care of:
The X's are for things that needed to be stored away!

  • The Memo board was the first to get a makeover.  You can see the new one here
  • Delicate Laundry has now a new place while it dries on my newly built shelf with a drying rack here.  I’m not even worried about getting water damage on the wall because I installed a wall panel to protect it, you can see it here.
  • The Bottles of wine
  • Glasses
  • Keys and
  • Snacks storage is being solved with this post.
  • My next and final post will be about the laundry supplies.

First let me tell you, my kitchen is very small, this laundry room is one step away from my kitchen table (later on I’ll show you pictures).  That’s why all these products end up right here, waiting to be placed somewhere!
Since is so close to the kitchen I didn’t want to give this little room the look of a laundry room, Nope!  I wanted to give it the feel of a Bar area (where I can do laundry too).  That would work great during family gatherings for guests to help themselves right in there instead of in the kitchen ;)
o.k.  I began working on building another shelf where I would put two of these wine racks I bought at Ikea when I was building the Refrigerator Enclosure:
At the time I considered putting them inside the cabinet on top of the fridge but I didn't stick to that idea because these racks were only 12” deep and the cabinet was 24”! I didn't want wasted space!
Back here in the “Bay Area” (I kind of like this new name), I wanted to build something like this:
Five simple pieces of wood together!
Where I could put the wine racks on the top shelf and two baskets on the lower shelf, one for the glasses and the other one for the keys.   Peeerrrrrfect! Just like this:

Sorry about my bad graphics!

After taking my measurements (at this time I cannot explain why), the space I had for the two wine racks was too short for the two of them to fit :(
Anyways, I began building the shelf!  Good thing nobody bought these babies when I put them on Craiglist for sale!  That’s the material I used.
Not even staging them! They didn't sell!
Good for me, that's the wood I used for this project!
I still have plenty of leftovers!

Here is the shelf, all nailed together and primed!
Can you see the little holes I had to drill to hold the racks to the sides?
Since I didn't have the space for the complete two wine racks to fit inside my shelf I had to get rid of three sides supports the racks had, and I connected them to the sides of the shelf instead.  It wasn’t that easy, I wasn’t too happy.  It took me a whole lot of time to align those holes.  But well it’s over and it's all done ;)
upside down
The racks are being painted!
All together:
Fuff! Here you see it! Just one center support!
And the final work:

That took care of the bottles of wine, glasses, and keys.
For the snacks, in this little nook, there was only one shelf (of course the wire one that I didn't want to change), I put another one specifically (as I tell my kids) designed to hold snacks!  I’m happy they both can reach the basket without any help.  The vacuum cleaner still fits underneath.

Here is a sneak peek:

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  1. it's looking
    much more organized
    and useful

    can't wait to see
    the finished room!

    now following you
    via Linky Followers too!


  2. oooh I can't wait to see it all! I love your projects! The shelves area great.


  3. I do love the shelves you have made! I also feel your pain, with having storage issues... in Australia "Queens-lander Houses" never come with built in storage cupboards. Having said that, it does get you thinking outside the square for possibilities. Will def pop back to see your end result!

  4. Looking good in there! I'm looking forward to seeing the reveal as your newest Linky Follower.

    Sharon @ mrs. hines class

  5. Oh, can't wait to see the rest. Great redo and thanks for linking to cowgirl up.

  6. Coming along nicely! You are going to be sooo organized now! Thanks for linking up!

  7. Great job! can't wait to see it all:)

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