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Simple Summer Bedroom Decor

Pops of orange and black for summer

Sunshine, warm nights, and open windows - summer is here! 

Is your bedroom ready for the change of season? Let's revamp it with a burst of vibrant energy as it was done to this bedroom in today's post!

I was entrusted with furnishing and decorating this small bedroom for my sister-in-law, Fanny. She and her family moved to the area with a good bunch of furnishings and tons of packed suitcases, but despite that, this bedroom needed everything.

A hand-me-down yellow dresser was the first element to arrive in the room, and soon after, the bed, the most crucial piece of furniture in a bedroom, was centered smacked in the middle.

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an empty room in design  progress

The nightstand, a Facebook Marketplace find, was the next element in the room after getting a needed makeover. 

The bed was soon dressed with streamlined black and white bedding that gave the room an immediate refined style.
bedroom summer refresh
|  Bed  |  Duvet Cover Set  |  Throw Pillows  | 

However, more elements should be addressed: Window coverings, wall art, lighting, storage, decor elements, etc.

Let's take a look at how everything unfolded!


The big yellow dresser was an excellent asset for ample storage, but it was also the elephant in the room. As soon as we stepped in, all eyes were on it.

Painting the dresser black was, in a strange way, how this beast was tamed. The black paint added much more interest to the beautiful details, such as the beadboard on the side, the trimmed-out drawers, and the round feet. 

Updating the round yellow knobs for satin nickel ones was another way to lighten up this heavy piece.

Dresser Makeover from yellow to black


The Ikea Kallax unit was another Marketplace find that worked ideally below the TV. Its streamlined design still leaves ample space to walk alongside it, and the eight cubicles hold a lot. 

Those red boxes were also included in the fifty-dollar deal. They were not the ideal color; I wish they had been black. Oh well, they worked for a minute in this configuration, but we saved them for something else.

Ikea Kallax before organizing it

The entire unit was quickly updated with doors and black boxes, which helped us stay within budget. 

It looks so much better, don't you agree?!

Kallax storage below the tv


Curtains were hung, lighting was added, and art pieces adorned the walls.

This new, refreshed summer bedroom belongs to a vibrant lady who loves color! I couldn't leave her with plain black and white.

Bedding Switch-a-roo: The orange comforter and throw pillows were among the items she unpacked from her suitcases. They were quickly added to the overall design of this summer bedroom.

Crisp Bedding: Crisp white or light blue bedding essentials tone down the intense accent color while keeping the room cool and vibrant.

Small bedroom summer refresh with orange, gray, white and black
| Bed  |  Comforter  |  Quilt  |  Poppy Field Print  |

Guest bedroom summer ideas and decor
| Nightstand |  Bed |  Ceramic Vase  |

The nightstand, dresser, and console table are all dark furniture, which adds depth and sophistication to the space. These are the pieces that anchor the room.

On the main wall, a poppies field art piece plays off the accent color and, with its hopeful atmosphere, calms down the room's vibe. 

Poppies field wall art

Lighten Up: A pair of light sconces was the most logical solution to this bedroom's lighting dilemma. They were easily hung on the wall on each side of the bed, freeing space on the only nightstand in the room. Their price, functionality, and overall design make them a winning solution.

Maximize Natural Light: Open those curtains and blinds! Natural light is the best way to brighten any space. 

However, a great pair of blackout curtains is always an asset when those rays of sunshine come in.

a grown woman bedroom heaven

Welcome the Greenery: A pop of green adds life to the space. Bringing the outdoors in with a few potted plants is the way to go! 

Ha, only if the color-loving lady who owns this space could keep a plant alive! This faux greenery that I found at HomeGoods is all she can keep in decent condition. :)

Black dresser with faux floral arragement

Something that she enjoys and takes good care of is a good amount of pillows on that bed. 

Pops of orange, white, gray and black for summer

They're helpful for when she's reading.

Pops of orange, black, gray and white for a summer bedroom refresh

Or while watching TV.

That's the whole point of designing your bedroom: It should work for you, what you like, and how you live.
Banana Leaves wall art  close to TV - Summer decor

We spent a reasonable amount of time organizing the closet on the other side of the room, making it work for the owner and look good.
the closet on the other side of the bed

Stay tuned for that closet reveal during my next post, which will be coming to your inbox soon!

I leave you with this selection of beautiful orange throw pillow covers, as the ones featured in this bedroom are no longer available.

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Love this room. The pop of orange is perfect.


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