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DIY - Bathtub Tray

A simple project to spruce up your bathroom

If you're looking for a way to spruce up your bathtub, consider making a tub tray. This simple project is easy to do and looks great in any bathroom. 

You can make it as easy or complicated as you want. A simple wooden board across the tub works very OK as a tray, but you can add more detail to fit your needs and the aesthetics you want to achieve.

Making a bathtub tray was a high-priority project during this bathroom makeover. 

My daughter requested it! 😁

She is a girl that loves her baths. She can soak in the tub for hours every single day. And when she takes her baths, she brings her phone, a cup of tea, and I've seen her with a computer in tow many times.

A tub tray was a necessity for her. And the wonderful thing is that it was a quick project to tackle.

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traditional bathroom makeover

The tools and materials you'll need:



The most important part about this project is to measure your bathtub widthwise or at the spot where you think the tub tray will be positioned.

I measured mine from the tiled wall to the outer edge of the tub skirt. You can make it hang over the side if you prefer.

Then, measure the inside of the tub. This measurement will dictate the support placement or where to install the little legs that keep the tray from sliding around.

I measured the inside distance after cutting the material. The top board was set in place atop the tub. Then, I held the little legs one at a time and marked their location underneath the longboard.


This is a great project to lower that scrap pile! This 1 x 8 pine plank was a remnant from the garage staircase to get into the mudroom. Its actual width is 7-1/4".

I used a miter saw to cut the top board at 29.5" and the little legs at 2.25".
1x8 pine


Sand all sides of the wood very well, especially those sharp edges. 

Clean the wooden pieces before assembling them.
cutting the wood


Use a framing square to trace both lines where the feet need to be installed. Add wood glue to both surfaces, the end grain feet, and along the marked lines underneath the top board.
the materials

Clamp the feet or supports to the tray and clean the excess wood glue, as leftover glue will prevent the stain from penetrating into the wood.

I let it dry for 24 hours. 

No need for nails or screws. Wood glue creates a strong bond!
clamping the supports

Then, I brought it to the tub for a dry fit. 

It was perfect!
pine tray


I loved the tray's natural look, but I had to stain it to better complement the other wooden surfaces in the bathroom.

I first used Minwax wood conditioner to prepare the wood for stain. The wood conditioner reduces stain penetration in softwoods. Giving woods, like this pine, a more uniform look.

After two hours, I applied Minwax Early American, wiping the excess stain immediately.
Minwax Early American stain

I waited about 15 minutes and then applied Minwax Weathered Oak to tone down those contrasting shades.
Minwax - weathered oak stain on pine

Sand the tray and remove dust before applying at least two coats of clear matte spray.
protecting wood

I set up my brand-new bathtub tray with a simple candle, body brush, and a little towel for the photoshoot.
Jacuzzi tub with spa tray

My daughter is enjoying her new-found space, and without a doubt, her bathtubs are getting longer! 

A true spa feeling going on here! :)
an easy project for the bathroom

Easy right?!

Get more details about this bathroom makeover right HERE.

*This post contains affiliate links.

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