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DIY Painted Baskets

I like the saying... Summer should get a speeding ticket!

I'm enjoying these warm months of summer to the max, but they are flying away too quickly. 

Today is my travel day, I'll be in the skies by the time you read this post. I'm visiting my family in Colombia. I'll be posting about the places I visit, and I'll probably get into a room makeover or two. 😉

But hey, it's Friday and as usual, I'm joining my friends for another edition of Home & Decor Encore. 

Painting a set of seagrass belly baskets is the perfect way to spend a warm summer afternoon with a pal and hey, they make a great gift.

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Plain seagrass baskets can be personalized in so many ways. 

I took an easy approach by painting stripes. 

Then, I painted a more intricate design, although it was still manageable.

You can also block paint them, as seen in the pictures below.

And let's not forget the many possibilities with add-ons such as pompoms, ribbons, or tassels.

Big thanks to Doreen at Hymns & Verses & Lori at The Stonybrook House for organizing this group.

Have a great weekend!!

*This post contains affiliate links.

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