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The Little Elephant That Needed Some TLC

From drab to glam! This little wooden elephant got a deserving transformation. 🐘

Good morning friends!

Last week, after installing the peel & stick wallpaper on the back of the built-ins, I went all around the house looking for props to style the shelves. I was searching for white and gold objects, given that the wallpaper was dark, I wanted those items to pop.

I had plenty of white items, but it wasn't the same story for gold.

Not having gold-painted objects wasn't a big deal, because I had plenty of gold paint. So, my search turned into what items can I paint gold.

That's when this little musketeer appeared in the picture. I've had this thrifty wooden elephant for quite some time. I've used it a few times on the shelves, but it could only be displayed on its good side, cause the other side had that black marking. 😣

Well, he was perfect for me to style the shelves with, only after a couple coats of gold paint.
Iridescent Gold paint |
 While the paint dries, here are some cool facts about these beautiful animals:
  • Elephants are some of the smartest and most compassionate animals on the planet.
  • They are extremely emotional. They even grieve the loss of family members.
  • Elephant families are led by females.
  • You probably knew it already... They are the world's largest land animal
  • Elephants are herbivores and spend about 16 hours a day eating!
  • They can see themselves in a mirror. Along with humans, apes, and dolphins, they're the only animals with self-awareness.
  • They have a good memory. Their large size and brain capacity make them able to remember things for years.
  • Elephants can't jump, but they can swim and they use their trunk as a snorkel underwater.
  • Elephants are pregnant for 22 months. The longest gestational period of any mammal.
  • Adult elephants have no real predators in the wild, except us. :(  They're been killed for their ivory, and their tusks are sold on the black market, internationally.

This is how my lil' elephant looked on the shelves last week in all its dazzling glory! BUT, he was still missing his ivory tusks. 😭
Well, a few days ago, I commissioned Miss. RLC to create said tusks. She used Polymer clay, the type of clay that you hardened in the oven. She used colorful scrap pieces of clay she had in her stash but painted them white. They were set in place with super glue.
elephant tusks
 Here is Maurice, as I named him, in all its splendor!

gold painted elephant

gold painted elephant

He really needed this makeover. You're going to see him around more frequently from now on. ;)

Now tell me another fun fact you like about elephants?

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  1. I LOVE's the little quirky things in our home that make us smile. I have some MCM black cat figurines and some MCM pink flamingos that just make me happy when I look at them. I'm not a "knick-knack" person but a few little "pieces of joy" scattered around is okay!

    1. Right Beck? And the sweet memories on how we found those treasures. I remember seeing your cat figurines, but I've missed those flamingos.

  2. Good job! Can't tell you anything about elephants, but I can tell you that painting an object red first, and THEN painting it gold will enhance the gold to make it look more realistic. It's not about being able to see the red paint, but rather it's the "vibration" of the color red. Similarly, when you want to paint something silver, first give it a coat of blue paint. Let the paint dry well between layers, of course. Thanks for sharing your projects. I always enjoy your site.

    1. First of all, thanks so much for your kind message. Knowing there's someone on the other side, reading and enjoying the posts makes my work so much worth it. And hey, thank you for the painting tip. I'm going to use it on my next gold or silver project.

  3. They are very dedicated and attentive mothers. Hubby used to collect elephants and we had around 300. Since then he has had many other collections so eles were sold a long time ago. Still have a few of our favorites.

    1. Oh my goodness, that was a huge collection! And yes, those mothers are phenomenal. I want to collect horses, but they've been surprisingly elusive, I don't have a single one yet.


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