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Snowy Christmas Trees

I'm happy to team up with my friend Susie from The Chelsea Project and a group of talented bloggers to bring to you a Christmas Festival of Trees.
Christmas Festival of Trees | 12 Bloggers | Hosted by Chelsea Project | #FestivalofTrees |

Twelve bloggers showcasing a wide range of beautiful Christmas trees in hopes of giving you ideas and inspiration four your very own Christmas tree. You'll find the links to all the trees at the end of this post.

I have a big Christmas tree in my family room, but for the purpose of this festival of trees, I decided to
go against a big tree and instead showcase my small collection of little snowy Christmas trees as the center pieces on our coffee tables.

*This post contains affiliate links.

In our living room I chose this pair of lit flocked grapevine cone trees.
| Lit Flocked Grapevine Cone Trees | Votive Holders | Coffee Table Rug  |
I love the texture the grapevine imparts.  Paired up with votive holders, they all fill the space with a beautiful warm glow.
 A look from the distance:
In our family room I grabbed a trio of snowy Christmas trees I've had forever and put each of them under a glass dome or cloche.
I bought the two biggest domes during a end of season clearance, around 25 bucks for those two huge domes. They're still on sale, but a bit higher than what I got them for. Still a good find.

I was so happy to see my little trees fit perfectly in there!
| Glass Dome with Base |
Even though, they looked quite nice under the cloches, I knew they could look even better.
Yes indeed. Twinkle lights and snow were the real transformers.
 Ha, I went ahead and created this mini-winter wonderland!
I love to look at this pretty scene at night while watching T.V. in this room!
Here, the entire room during day light.

You can see more pictures of this room during my Christmas Home Tour right HERE.
So far, I have enjoyed the little tree vignettes more than the actual Christmas tree. My advice... Never underestimate the power of small groupings, they do make quite a statement!

And now, for more Christmas tree inspiration, please visit these fabulous bloggers. Simply click the blog name below each picture to access the link.

Christmas Festival of Trees Row One | 12 Bloggers | Hosted by Chelsea Project | #FestivalofTrees |
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Christmas Festival of Trees Row Three | 12 Bloggers | Hosted by Chelsea Project | #FestivalofTrees |

Christmas Festival of Trees | 12 Bloggers | Hosted by Chelsea Project | #FestivalofTrees |

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Cristina, white is my favorite color so let me tell you I'm totally bananas for this trees! I loved how you had them before but you're totally right adding the fairy ligts and glittery deer really make them pop. Everything you have featured in your living room is all really cheery and beautiful. I love it all! Hugs, CoCo

  2. Every year, you are one of the most inspiring bloggers of the season. And this year is no different. I absolutely LOVE the wintery scene on the coffee table. This is proof positive that we must never underestimate the power of a tiny tree. Each and every tree adds sparkle, texture and seasonal joy. Love them. Thanks so much for joining us on this tour. Having you and your adorable trees is so very special.... XOXO

  3. I love the trees you have placed under the cloche domes those are so pretty to me. Simple and elegant, with just the right amount of holiday.

  4. Christina - your home is beautiful. We love putting decor under cloches as well - and yours are lovely! The fairy lighting is perfect. Cheers to you and yours this holiday season. Vicki and Jenn

  5. Your snowy Christmas trees make a gorgeous centerpiece and a bright light in your room. So pretty!

  6. Merry Christmas Christina! I completely agree with you, those lovely white tree vignettes are small but mighty! And yes, fairy lights are a gift from heaven!

    Enjoy your wee trees and the holiday.



  7. One tree is never enough! Loving all your lovely trees and the vignettes you've created throughout your home. Your large tree is lovely, too. Merry Christmas!


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