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Happy Halloween!! 🎃

Hello there!

Are you all ready to celebrate Halloween? Well well, I don't celebrate it much. I do like to give candy to the trick-or-treaters and get to enjoy their costumes and cute faces and that's about it.

Today I'll probably go the extra mile, painting a spiderweb on my face, it'll go perfectly with the theme on my front door. I might share a pic over on Instagram if all goes well. 

Lately, I've gotten into a routine of  having a
morning walk with my lil pal Louie, we both have been enjoying it a lot.
While Louie smells every single inch of the route, I take pictures and some of those takes are the ones I'm sharing with you today.
The colors of the season have been spectacular! We're right now in the middle of this wonderful show mother nature displays each year.

The limelight hydrangeas don't want to shy away from all that color and there they stand tall and proud, peeking over the fence.
This week I've been also admiring all the Halloween decor my neighbors have added to their front yards. I just wanted to sit there and talk things over with this lady. 💀
front  yard halloween decor
 The cousin was also there having a moment of relaxation laying down on the yard.

Lots of skeletons!
However, I prefer the simple ghost. So easy and cute!
 Just the same as the door decor.
In my book, a row of pumpkins down the steps is the perfect Halloween/Fall decor. I like how they sorted them from biggest to smallest.
 Here my friend Gail keeps them all at the same size, even the skull!
 I love all the details she always adds. So spooky!

And well guys, I couldn't leave you without showing you once more this pretty porch with all the crow invasion

Or my Creepy crawlers front stoop:

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