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Creepy Crawlers Halloween Porch

I had to start this post with this cute pic of our Louie sporting that funny pose! :)

Guys, I've been outside enjoying the nice weather and having a good time decorating porches!!  Did you see my neighbor's front porch all ready for Halloween? Check it out right here.
Well, now it's the
turn for my stoop, I added fall decor a couple of weeks ago... A wheat wreath on the door...
 A few pumpkins...
 And some colorful mums. Oh, how I love all those vibrant colors!! πŸ‚
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For Halloween, however, I went a different route on the door. I removed the wheat wreath and used  these three products to create a spider web:
White Yarn
Two white pipe cleaners
Gaffer tape

Using the pipe cleaners I first made a small circle that was attached to the door with two pieces of tape. 

From then on, it was all about weaving that web! :D
Tying strands of yarn onto the circle and then bringing the ends to the opposite end of the door, securing those ends with more tape.
Well, it's much easier as you can see it here in this little time-lapse video:

spider web and spiders on door Halloween porch with pumpkins and lanterns
The final step was to add lots of spiders!! πŸ•·️πŸ•Έ️πŸ•·️
How to make a spider web on the door - Halloween decor
 A face drawn on that metal can gave it a good amount of spooky.
metal lantern with scary face and pumpkins on steps
 Man, that giant spider is really creepy! Found that one and most spiders at Target.
Spiders crawling up the door on Halloween
While this one is all about cuteness! πŸ•―️ -Found these ones at the Dollar store.
Cute spider tea candle holder
I hope I was able to inspired you to try some of these easy ideas to bring a little bit of Halloween cheer to your front porch this weekend!
Front porch with spiders and web on door

Front porch decor for Halloween

Now all I need to do is go and buy lots of candy!!

Happy Halloween!


Hey there! I'm updating this post with a couple of pictures from Halloween day:
Some spiders crawling up my face...
Spiders crawling up the face - Cristina Garay

And this one is funny with that ghost in the back! :D Boo!
Spiders crawling up the face - Cristina Garay

For more easy Halloween decor ideas check these out:

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Loved the spider web door idea! So much so, I copied it on my door today :) And I happened to have almost everything at home, just needed a few extra spiders. Thanks for sharing your fun ideas!

    1. Oh, how awesome that you could replicate it!! Yes, I also had everything except the spiders. I like that it's an easy project with a good punch of creepy!

  2. That's brilliant, and you are right, that giant spider is SUPER creepy. I think my husband would never come through that door again if I did something like this, he is really not a spider fan at all!!!

  3. Haha I had to remove some spiders that were close to the door bell push button. Many trick-or-treaters didn't want to get near it during Halloween!


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