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How to paint a design on a rock
Cleaning and organizing the garage usually turns into working on a myriad of tiny projects that you weren't even thinking about tackling. 

That's exactly what happened to me this past weekend, when I stood there in the garage. I couldn't concentrate on cleaning the space because there were tons of "little projects" that looked back at me saying.. "remember that you put me right here and forgot about me? Pick me up!!" 

This painted rock was the first one that I wanted to make because the memories it brings are still fresh in my mind! :) 

This Summer we didn't travel or take a big vacation, we stayed home and went on small trips around the area. During one of those outings we stopped by a little creek and let Louie 🐶 take a dive.
While Louie was cooling down, we began our search for the perfect rock to bring home...

Well, besides finding the flattest rock to bring home as a memento, we also captured the ugliest picture of our Louie!! 😂 All drenched but happy with his first swim. 
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This flat, palm sized rock was the one we brought home and has been sitting in the garage since. Top and bottom view:
I like all those layers, one after the other showing the passing of time and for who knows how long!

I gave it a good clean with a drill and a metal brush to get rid of loose parts. Wash it. Let it dry.
 Then, using a white color pencil, I very lightly, drew my design.
Then, it was time to paint it. I used regular white acrylic paint and used a pencil sponge to mark the dots around it.
Then, a very fine paint brush was used to paint the design.
My lines weren't sharp. So I used a silver Sharpie to trace the word love.
The final step was to give it two coats of satin polyurethane to protect the painted design.
Well, this is not a perfect project, its a keepsake. Having it here on my desk sure brings a smile to my face every time I think about that specific day.
How to paint a design on a rock
Did you get any mementos this Summer? Seashells, feathers, rocks... How have you used those treasures?

Stay tuned for more craft projects that I had to finish before starting the organizing of the garage.

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*This post contains affiliate links.

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