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RYOBI 40V Lithium Brushless Lawn Mower Review

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Large yard being mowed with a self-propelled Ryobi mower

The grass-cutting season is here. Yes,  Spring has sprung! 

Even though you might dread this task, this is one of those unavoidable chores that you must do quite frequently during Spring, Summer, and, in some cases, well into late Fall.

So, why not make this chore more enjoyable or less daunting?

Yes, it's possible! 

I'm delighted to step up the game with my new RYOBI 40V Lithium Brushless Lawn Mower.

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Cutting the grass with a self-propelled Ryobi mower

We had always owned a gas mower and were a bit skeptical about battery-operated lawnmowers until now!

Mr. RLC is the one who takes care of our lawn, but as soon as we got this self-propelled, battery-operated Ryobi lawn mower, I had to give it a try! 

No more dealing with gas or pulling an annoying cord; this lawn mower is way lighter than the other mower we had before. For our small yard, the 40-volt battery is more than we need. I finished cutting the grass, and there was still lots of power in that battery, which means it fits our lawn needs ideally.

However, I wanted to know how much terrain it could cover, so I brought it to my BIL's house. That's the guy you see in these pics.  

We tested this Ryobi mower on their more extensive land, starting at the front yard. You can see how it performed in the small video right here:

As a small re-cap, these are the features I like the most about the Ryobi 40-Volt Lithium self-propelled lawn mower:
  • It's powerful. Its brushless motor makes it feel like the other gas mower we had. Only one battery -as shown below- gives all the power. The other compartment serves as a storage for another battery, 
Ryobi mower battery compartment

  • Only one push-button to start operating it. So easy!
Ryobi mower one push-button.

  • The self-propelled mechanism on the rear-wheel drive gives more power with minimal effort.

front yard ready to be mowed with Ryobi lawn mower

  • Blade height is easily adjustable  - With only one hand, you can adjust the cutting height on all four wheels.
Easily adjustable blade height in Ryobi Brushless lawn mower

Lawn care with the proper tools

  • It's light and only takes up a little space in my garage. It's compact.
Upright storage that doesn't take much space in your shop
  • Five-year limited tool warranty.
  • Quieter than the gas counterpart we owned.
Cutting grass season is here! Make it less daunting with the power of Ryobi
RYOBI 40V Lithium Brushless Lawn Mower

Things to have in mind:

  • You'll need at least two batteries if you have a large yard.
  • It has many plastic components that might break easily.

  • Different variables, like if the grass is too high or thick, can alter the run time. In general, a 40V battery will run for 30-45 minutes.

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*this post contains affiliate links.

Enjoy what you read today? 


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