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Garage Organization - Easy Clamp Storage

How to store clamps in the garage

It was like a month ago that I gave one of the pegboards in the garage, a good re-organization.
Everything on it was removed and the latest tools I had acquired were the first ones to claim a big chunk of real estate on it.

For the most part, I used metal hooks to hang the tools on the pegboard, but this time, for my collection of drill/drivers, I built a small shelf in order to save space... And money.  It was done with pieces from the scrap pile. ;)

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how to build a shelf to store your drills
DIY - Drill Storage Shelf
Now, the one thing I wanted to hang somewhere were the four long clamps I'd recently bought to complete this project here.

They were on the floor leaning on the board and every time I set foot close to them, they kept on falling to the floor. šŸ˜  So, yeah, I needed a secure place to store them.

I first tried to hang them on some of the metal hooks I had, but nope. no good.
Then, I tried to place them at the top of the pegboard, but the pipe stuck out and it wasn't a secure way to hang them.
garage organization - clamp storage
Bessey H-Style Clamp fixture set  |  Pipe

After looking at them closely, I noticed that part (picture below) that I thought was the key piece to hang them in place.
How to store clamps

When mounted at the very top of the pegboard, that piece kept on dancing, it needed an empty space to be anchored.

So, after trying a few different boards and other gadgets, I finally found a way for them to be secured, right there on the pegboard! And hey, I had everything I needed and most probably you too.

It's SO EASY! Let me show you...
the materials and tools you'll need for creating an easy clamp holder

The materials and tools you'll need:
  • Drill
  • 2 - ½" boards glued together (The ones I used are: ½" x 3" x 16½")
  • 3 - 3½" wood screws
  • 3 - plastic spacers 3/8" deep - You can also use hex nuts
By the way, there are many types of clamps out there in the market. This rack most probably is only good for the Bessey H-Style Clamps I have.  I love them and I totally recommend them.

I first tried using only one 3/4" board but nope, too thin. Then, I tried a 2 x 4 but it was too thick. I didn't have a 1" thick board, so I glued two 1/2" boards together, driving some brad nails on both sides (too impatient to wait for the glue to dry).
how to build a clamp rack with a piece of wood

Once both boards were attached together, I pre-drill the holes for the screws and set them in place with the spacers/washers on the back.

diy clamp storage

Then, it was just a matter of driving them onto the board. However, you need to be sure you're driving those screws onto the pegboard frame.

If you don't have a pegboard, maybe you can drive them onto the studs on the wall.

This is how it looks from underneath:
clamp rack

And here, with the clamps in place.
how to store clamps

You can see how perfectly secured they sit.
How to easily store clamps

I was so glad to come up with this easy solution and without buying anything.

drills, clamps levels, tools on the pegboard
Bring Order to the Pegboard  |  DIY - Drill Storage Shelf
Ahh, perfectly organized!
how to easily and safely store clamps

And here, my little troop. :)  Hey, I even have space to accommodate two more!

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Inspiration for your wood storage needs

*This post contains affiliate links.

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  1. Wow! I'm seriously loving your workspace organization! ...and your clamps too! LOL I saw them on Instagram and thought, wow, I need some of those! I finally cleared out a workspace in the garage and have a bench, who knows, maybe next I can find the time to hang some pegboard and make it look neat and tidy! Good job and I'd bet your workspace makes you smile when you work!

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