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How to Prevent Plastic Connectors on Gas Range Knobs from Getting Damaged

LG stove with damaged knob plastic connectors

Last week I was in a deep cleaning mode. It only happens twice a year around these parts.
I never look forward to this kind of week, but hey, it's something that needs to be done and the sooner I cross it off my to-do list, the better it makes me feel.

So, while I was there, cleaning all the gunk on the stove, I remembered I didn't share this awesome tip with you guys.

Well, that's kind of a long story...  I posted these pictures three years ago. (ha, time flies! 😯)
shiny knobs on LG stove damaged
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At that time we were having issues with all our LG appliances. You can read that post right HERE.

Well, as you can see, we were having the issue of the cracking connectors on those stove knobs.
We couldn't fix them. The only way to fix this issue was by replacing the entire knob.
In our case we needed all five knobs replaced, and they weren't cheap.

So, before placing an order I decided to call LG and make a formal complaint about the bad idea of using plastic components on these parts that get easily cracked due to being so close to the heat.

After a couple of calls and even using a great new way of filing complaints against big companies. (you can read about that right HERE), they sent me two sets of new knobs - 10 knobs total.

stove knobs

So pretty!! :)

I got rid of the damaged ones and installed a brand new set of shiny knobs.
However, these new knobs sported the same plastic connectors the previous set had. And last year, these too, started to crack. 😞

We were ready to install our last set of knobs and that's when Mr. RLC got a light bulb moment.💡

Yep. It was the mister the one who came up with the idea of preventing our last set of knobs from cracking, well, the little plastic thingy or connector. The solution...

3/8" Metal washers!
metal 3/8" washers
3/8" Metal Washers

He took one of the knobs to Home Depot and there he looked for a metal washer to fit perfectly around that plastic connector.

LG stove knob connectors
Loctite Super Glue Gel Control

Once he found the perfect fit, he bought a good bunch of them.

At home, using super glue, he installed three of them on each knob.

Our hope was for the glue and the washers to keep the plastic piece intact.

And so far it has worked!

So, if your stove knobs have those plastic connectors, add the metal washers before it's too late!

metal washers and super glue for stove knobs

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*This post contains affiliate links

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  1. So smart!! Yes we've experienced the plastic parts problem on appliances too. We had a front loading washer and dryer with plastic parts inside. About every two years we had to call for repairs. It's frustrating because the cost is unreal for repairs.

  2. That's pretty brilliant! Well done, hubby!

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