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My Best Picture Hanging Tips & Hardware

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bike art with succulents and books on shelf - how to hang picture art

One of my daughter's resolutions this year is to set a workout routine. To keep her motivation up, she wanted a partner in crime (me) to keep her on track - because obviously, I don't need exercise, duh!

So, after lots of convincing, I brought down our sawdust-covered bikes, put them in the car, and we both headed to the bike shop to get them fixed.

After we dropped the bikes off, we went to the other side of the shopping center to check the latest at the local thrift store.  Out of all the treasures in there, I got the picture above.

Once I got it, I knew exactly where it would hang up...

Right here in my living room.

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This is how this little corner looked after taking down all the Christmas decor.

I paid $10 for the picture; the only troublesome thing was the hanging hardware; both screw-eyes were loose.

But hey, that's something SO simple to fix!

Let me show you what I usually do and use when installing hardware to my wall art pieces.

1. Mark hardware location.

I always measure from the top of the frame down. (The distance always varies because not all frames are the same size.)
In this case, I marked the new location a couple of inches above the original, right in the middle of the frame.

2.  Do pre-drills or pilot holes.
The best picture hanging tips & Hardware

Always, ALWAYS do pre-drills or a pilot hole. This means grabbing your drill and making a little hole before driving a screw.

The pilot hole varies depending on the size of the screw. However, you can compare the size of the screw against the drill bit and choose a drill bit that's much thinner than the screw. It's better to do a smaller hole.

Mark your drill bit so it goes into the wood almost the same distance the screw will.

3. Install D-Rings / hardware driving the screw with a screwdriver.

My medium and big art pieces are always hung using D-ring hardware. They are the best hardware for hanging pictures because they're not only strong, but they're also easy to install and adjust.

The size/weight of your picture is your guide to choosing the right D-ring for your application (20lb, 50lb, 100lb).

Now, you might be tempted to use a drill to drive those screws in. I've done it many times. But, experience has taught me to use a simple screwdriver instead.

Those screws are small, and you already have the pilot holes; it's not tricky doing it with the screwdriver, driving the screw, and being careful to angle it to follow the path of the hole.

4. Add a wire.

For most of my pictures, I add a wireline because, let's face it, trying to find the exact position on the wall for two D-rings is hard!

Using a wire gives me the benefit of hanging the art from only one point -the center.
Attach the wire from both d-rings tightly.

The only exception for me not to use a wire is when the picture is too heavy.  If I'm using d-rings for 100lb, I don't use a wire, and I make sure to install the picture hooks or at least one of the hooks on a stud on the wall.

5.  Use a picture hook.
|                 D-Ring                    |               Picture Hanging Hooks                  | 

Picture hooks make a solid connection to the wall thanks to the angle the nail is driven into, settling the hook into the drywall and distributing the weight of the picture on and against the wall.

You choose the picture hooks depending on the weight they will carry. 

Now, I like to use saw-tooth bars or Command strips for small frames or signs.
|             Sawtooth Hangers              |           Command Strips         | 

Other tools you might need:

a great self leveling tool to have when hanging pictures on the wall.

A level is a tool you need when installing pictures. Even more necessary if you're installing a gallery wall. This Bosch Self-leveling cross-line laser level with clamping mount is the tool you would love to have for this application. You can mount it on a tripod or even a ladder!
DeWalt drill/driver and impact combo kit

This DeWalt cordless drill/driver and impact combo is the tool you need for this small project and most projects around the house. Everyone should own this combo.
The perfect combination of power, weight, functionality, and price. I love it!

Well, oh well, the last thing to do was to bring this baby onto the wall.

By the way, the picture is a lithograph by Graciela Rodo Boulanger - "Tour de France."
As my daughter said, "I told you, biking was meant to be our sport"  :)

how to hang a picture on the wall with Dewalt drill combo picture Tour de France by Graciela Rodo Boulanger

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*This post contains affiliate links.*

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  1. I started using the ring and wire procedure a few years ago and never looked back! It makes it so easy to lece the picture and trying to do it with just the rings is almost impossible!
    Good luck biking! Looks like you found the perfect picture for encouragement. lol xo Diana

    1. True Diana, using a wire is the easiest. And yeah, we went biking this past weekend, oh girl, we need lots of encouragement, it was so tiresome! :D

  2. Great tips! Love the picture. Have fun cycling this spring. ~~Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Thanks Susie! We're taking it one step at a time, this is the hard part.. the beginning. But, watch out, we're gonna be flying by the end of Spring :D

  3. I love you tips! I always struggle when art has 2 hooks on the back. I have done a paper towel and a toothpaste trick, but your wire method would make hanging the art much, much easier.

    1. I had to goggle the paper towel trick and guess what, it took me to your blog! ;) That's genius! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. What a fantastic find! The only time I've seen art by that person is at Kim's Savvy Southern Style...she has a piece or two and I just love it.

    1. Ha you're good! I knew I've seen a similar pic somewhere but couldn't remember. I love Kim's art and well, everything she does.

  5. Funny, I came to tell you I have that same painting and I saw the comment above. You got a fabulous deal on that by the way. I don't have mine hanging right now in fact I'm not positive I still have that one, but I think I do.

  6. LOVE THIS PICTURE! So much so that I googled it and one of them is being offered for $2700! I'm sure you got a great deal! Keep up the riding, it's great exercise!

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