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Valentine's Day Rustic Heart Wall Art

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How to cut metal with Ryobi shears - Valentine's day wall art using tin and wooden siding

Last Summer I scored two sheets of rusty corrugated metal. Yeah, very old roof material.

I thought 20 dollars was a really good deal for all that amount of character the metal sheets had.

They've been there in the garage waiting for me to think about something on how to use them. And it was only until last week, when I found a few pieces of chipped wooden siding, that I knew what would be my very first project using the tin >>>

A rustic heart wall art for Valentine's day!

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materials for wall art with Husky water resistant leather gloves and safety glasses to cut metal
Husky Water Resistant Leather Work Glove  |  Safety Glasses |

I got the six pieces of siding, cut a piece of one of the long metal sheets and gathered my tools and safety equipment to start working on this wall art project.
tracing a heart shape onto corrugated metal roof

A heart shape was traced onto the metal.

how to cut a heart shape out of corrugated metal roof
Ryobi Shears |

Then, using the Ryobi Shears I followed the line to cut out the heart shape.

I love this tool!

The effort you have to put is minimum, this thing goes fast.
For cutting this corrugated material I had to point the front of the shears down and upwards following the contour of the metal.
Did I say this is cordless? All you need is a Ryobi One+ battery to operate it, just the same as all your other Ryobi tools. ;)

tracing a heart shape on tin with Sharpie and Husky leather gloves

I went ahead and traced and cut out another heart, a smaller one on the opposite direction of the tin.

Corrugated metal being filed
Metal File |

Then, I went around those hearts with a metal file to smooth out those sharp edges.
how to cut metal - Ryobi shears and corrugated metal

With the hearts all done, it was now time to work on the frame.

old siding boards secured together for wall art.

The pieces of siding where placed face down and then, they were secured together with two pieces of ½" Plywood across them.

At first, I wanted to stop here, place the hearts in the middle of this board and that would've been the end, but it looked unfinished.

Adding a frame to a wall board made out of wooden siding
RYOBI Cordless Brad Nailer |

So, I grabbed some pieces of 1 x 2 pine material to frame the board.

1½" brad nails where used all around.

how to add a frame to a wall art
RYOBI Brushless Impact Driver  |  Clamp |

However, two screws were driven into each corner to better secure the frame.

old pieces of metal roof to create a valentines day wall art

Three little holes were drilled onto both hearts before driving the tree little rusty nails to secure them onto the board.

how to hang a picture

The final step was to add the hardware to hang it in place.
How to cut metal with Ryobi shears - Valentine's day wall art using tin and wooden siding

Needles to say, I'm so much in love with this project!

All the character those pieces had is incredible... The chippy boards, the aged to perfection tin roof... Ahhh love love LOVE it!!

You can check how it looks adorning my Valentine's mantel right HERE.

And here is a small video of the entire process:

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*This post contains affiliate links.*

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  1. I love all of these Valentines ideas but the metal is pretty amazing!

    1. Thanks so much Stacey! This one is now my favorite. Loving all that texture. ;)

  2. You are so talented. I really love the rustic look in something like this! Beautiful!!! xo Diana

  3. Beautiful artwork! Happy Valentine's Day! Susie from The Chelsea Project

    1. Aww Susie, Happy V-day to you too friend, thanks!

  4. Amazing use of what most people would consider trash! I love this look and appreciate your step-by-step instructions.

    1. This is definitely a trash to treasure transformation. And you're so right, for some people this is pure trash.😄 but hey, better for us trash lovers! Thanks for stopping by and for your kind comment.

  5. Wonderfully beautiful! Have a fantastic valentine!
    Cynthia - Parker, CO

  6. I love the rustic looking metal heart. It looks great.

  7. That's so awesome Cristina. I love, love, love how it turned out

  8. So amazing. Love this rustic framed heart!

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