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Christmas in the Boy Room

Christmas in the boy room

I love to add a few touches of Christmas in the bedrooms, it can be a wreath above the headboard, maybe a little Christmas tree by the side of a chair, or some ornaments scattered on the shelves.

Well, a Noel sign on the headboard, two stockings, and little décor on the shelves. That was all I needed in my master bedroom.

As for the girl room, I didn't have permission and, I guess it was better for me to stay away from those premises. Young adult girls have lots of stuff going on to care about decor in their bedrooms.

My son, on the contrary, gave me the green light to do as I please. 😉

I kept the same theme I used around the main floor: farm-fresh Christmas trees.

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gray and red boy bedroom for Christmas
Teen Boy Room  |  Bed  |  Ceiling light  |  Brick Stick Wallpaper   |

The entire room now feels like the space for a little boy, and he's fine with it. As he said, "as long as I have my comfy bed to go to sleep in, I'm fine."

At the end of January he'll be 15, and finally, this year is when I've seen him change from a little boy into a young man.

gray and red Christmas bedroom
Christmas Tree Sign |   Sheet set |

As I was taking these pictures I thought, this could be my way to say goodbye to my little man.

My way of holding onto my little boy for one more Christmas...
Christmas in the boy room - gray and red
Wire Baskets  |  Red Truck |  Wall Sconce  |  Chair |

My way to enjoy his love for trains, little cars, and the color red.

My way to bring up so many good memories with that little boy...
Boy room for Christmas

That little boy that I just want to grow and grow!

Christmas in the boy room - shelves

Because growing up has been a huge issue for him and us lately.

His friends have been growing and growing, while he's been waiting and waiting for that growth spurt to happen.
shelves decorated for Christmas
Build-ins  |  Floor  |  Picture frame lights |

Genetics are definitely not in his favor as we're not tall folks, and the fact that he's been taking medicines for kidney issues for a long time put some added stress onto the total growing equation.

shelves decorated for Christmas

However, these past months, I've seen him morph right before my eyes!

little red stool with Christmas tree by the window

The little boy is not little anymore, he's growing and we're measuring him, and we are way more than happy to see all the changes he's going through.

gray and red boy bedroom for Christmas

And even though, it makes me a little sad not to see that little boy inside this room, I'm delighted to know he's right inside that tall, skinny guy that is so cool he doesn't mind having a little boy's room for Christmas!

I love you, my boy! ❤️

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  1. His room makeover is absolutely unbelievable and your Christmas decor is gorgeous. I have a couple of rooms that could use your talents so come on over.

  2. Your son's room is so cute, I mean awesome! Growing up is tough, for kids and their moms. It is nice to hear he is getting taller, I know it is a big deal for the young men (and ladies!) Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Thanks Morgane! This entire year we've been checking his height and weight without much luck. But during his last check up early this month, things began to turn around! :D We're so happy about it. Crossing our fingers. 🤞

  3. I love the way you decorated your boys room. and reading what you wrote about your little boy growing up brought tears to my eyes. I have a little boy of my own and can't imagine him being all grown up. They all grow up and years go by so quick before we even realize. Happy Christmas to you and your family!

    1. Oh Liz, I cried writing this post and I had to stop a couple times and take breaks, it's so hard. And here I go, tearing up once again. :( They grow so fast. I'm giving him extra hugs and kisses this holiday season, he thinks I'm crazy! :)
      Merry Christmas, Liz!

  4. Incredible! Yes, don't blink! They grow up way too fast!
    Merry Christmas!

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