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Christmas Decor Tool Bag Essentials

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A Husky Tool tote full with Christmas decor tools and supplies

Hi friends,

Are you started on your Christmas decor already? Or perhaps, you're just waiting until after Thanksgiving to dive in?
I just couldn't wait any longer and this past weekend I gave it a go! I'm so excited about it! 😊

I used to wait until the last weekend in November to haul all the boxes from the basement, but then, it was a marathon where I was just trying to finish on time.

This year I'm taking my time and I'll be savoring every single step. Then, I'm just going to enjoy it all.

So, today, whether you're started on your holiday decor or not, I have this simple tip that's going to make your holiday decor way easier:

Get all YOUR most essential holiday decor tools into one single box or bag!

Isn't it a pain on the butt making 37 trips to the garage or craft room when decorating a simple mantel or the entry?? 

Yes, you know how it goes ...

You need a couple of thumbtacks to secure that ribbon...

Two minutes later you find out a jingle bell would make that little hat way cuter...

Or... c'mon, that frame doesn't have the hardware to hang it in place! 😞

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Husky tool tote with holiday decor tools and supplies #thdprospective

Creating a Christmas decor tool bag with my very own essentials was my first task at the beginning of the holiday season this year.

And I said, my very own essentials because that's true, the way I decorate might be completely different to yours.

I love pom poms and jingle bells and Christmas cards, but maybe you can give a jig about pom poms and Christmas cards and that's OK.

You have to grab the things you know you're going to need and place them inside a box or a bag or whatever you think fits nicely to you, and you can keep organized.

christmas cards, hot glue gun, pens, ties, all you need for holiday decor in one bag.

My tool bag: This wonderful Husky Tool Tote.

I've been using these totes in my garage to hold regular tools, you can see this post HERE where I talked about it.  However, this tote bag was different from those I already had in the garage.

Yep. This one has those 10 wonderful pockets and that's a huge difference!

All you put in those pockets is right there, READY to be used and put back immediately once you're done! Besides, you also have a big space inside to fill up with goodies, and the soft handle feels nice when you're hauling it all around your home.

So let me show you my essentials, maybe they're your essentials too:
Numbers 1 to 10 are all the contents inside the pockets.
Numbers 11 to 13 are what's stored inside the big centered comparment.

supplies like prunner, snip, utility knife, scissors, cards, screwdriver, tape, Ryobi hot glue gun in one bag for the holidays

1. Note pad, Christmas cards & thank you cards.
2. Pruner.  - A necessity when dealing with pine branches - garlands.
3. Snip, utility knife
6. Scotch tape, clear line, thumbtacks, beads, jingle bells.

How to get ready for the Christmas decor

7. Scissors.
9. Pens, pencils, and permanent markers (red, black, gold, and silver).
11. Ryobi cordless hot glue gun.  - Cordless is power - I love bringing it with me anywhere I go!
12. →
cards, labels, tags, command hooks, wire, ribbons, velcro are a few of the items you need for Christmas decor

Get CLEAR containers so you know what's inside each one of them!

Container 1.  Labels and gift tags.

easy wreath hanging for the holidays with command hooks

Container 2.  Green garland tie VelcroCommand wire hooks, floral wire, wired string.
Container 3.  Ribbons - Your most used ribbons.

13. →
ties, rubber bands, c hooks, wire, a few of the supplies for holiday decor.

Container 1.  Jute twine, bakers twine, ties.
Container 2.  Picture hooks, sawtooth ring hangerscup hooks.
Container 3.  Rubber bands, zip ties, wire.

A Husky tool tote full of supplies for Christmas decor.

Well, this little 15 in. tote bag is the one following me all around the house while keeping all my holiday tools and supplies close to me and most importantly: organized! You can rotate the handle sideways for easier access to the inside supplies/tools.

Christmas decor tool bag essentials
Husky 15 in. Tool Tote

Now, once you're done with your holiday decor, this little tote bag would be your husband's best gift! :D

I don't know what is it about tool bags that men are always collecting them!
My husband thought this was his. 🙄

A Husky Tool tote red and black full with Christmas decor tools and supplies

So, tell me... What's one of your essentials that I didn't include?

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Enjoy what you read today?



  1. wow, pretty well prepared! I would add pipe cleaner, I like them better than the tree parts, they work for so many things (and come in multiple colors!)
    I am still a long way from Christmas decor....Looking forwards to seeing yours!

  2. Can't wait to start with the Christmas decoration but my boyfriend says it's too early. :D

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