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Tips & Tricks on Installing Metal Label Holders

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silver metal label holder and screw driver

Label holders are a simple piece of hardware to hold labels, but as simple as they may seem, they're in fact a vital piece of hardware to keep things organized and as its name implies, labeled!

However, aside from the organizational aspect, I love label holders, especially metal ones, because they bring beauty to any drawer you put them on.

Installing them is usually done the same way as you would install any other piece of hardware on a drawer, you measure, center, and install the holder. Kind of tedious I know.

After installing them in many of my projects, I discovered a few simple tricks that I keep on using and that I want you to have in mind for your next project.  And hey, NO Measuring required!!

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big clock on wall and mail sorters

So, let me show you these simple tips and tricks on installing metal label holders:

1. Make a template of the drawer out of scrap paper

This is the most important step to avoid taking measurements. Place a large piece of paper on top of your drawer's face and mark the drawer's perimeter on the paper. Cut on the outline you just marked, in order to create your template.

2. Mark your desired center point(s) by folding the paper template

The two label holders, pictured above, were horizontally centered by simply folding the paper in half and then, in quarters.

For the vertical placement of the labels, I went off-center. Measuring two inches from the top of the drawer and making the fold at that mark.

3. Trace the label holders

Center your Metal Label Holders at the desired intersections and trace them onto your template.

4. Mark the position of the screws

Place your template on top of the drawer front and using an awl tool and hammer mark the position of the screws.

5. Make pre-drills

These are very small screws, a 1/16 drill bit is what I usually use for this.

blue phillips Husky screwdriver set and metal tags

6. Drive the screws

Place the metal label holders at your desired spot, securing them with the screws.

7. Use a magnetic screwdriver

Did I say those screws are tiny? Yes, they're hard to handle with your hands! A magnetic screwdriver make this job super easy.

And hey, paper templates also work as a charm for setting your art work on the walls. ;)

get organized with command center and big square clock on wall

metal tags for your drawers and Husky diamond tip magnetic screwdriver

Any more tips or tricks you want to pitch in? Share them in the comments below!

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  1. Making a template and folding the paper is such a great idea! I wouldn't have thought of it. Thanks!

  2. Great information. I love what you did with the corner. Very pretty and functional.

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