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The Home Depot ProSpective Event

 This post is sponsored by The Home Depot.

It was five years ago that I decided to renovate my kitchen and share all the details about how a regular mom, with no experience whatsoever in renovations or building structures, and with minimum tools borrowed from the husband, could bring change to her home in a big way.

My main goal while documenting each of the projects was to be of help to other moms out there wanting to bring change to their own homes. It wasn't easy, I didn't have the necessary tools or skills to work fast and accurately, but project after project those two factors started to improve and I began tackling more complex tasks...

Little did I know that by getting into renovating my home and sharing the details on the blog, I would be opening the door to a whole new world of opportunities! And this is by far, the most wonderful experience I've had:

The prospective logo with The Home Depot
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I was invited by The Home Depot to be a part of the ProSpective Tool Event! Let me add a really big happy face here.

Last month, I got to be part of the coolest tool event I'd ever attended, alongside many other bloggers I've followed and admired for a long time, members of the press, and lots of tool company representatives.

It was pretty weird for shy little me to be there in the middle of such big influencers... representatives from Consumer Reports, Martha Stewart Living, Family Handyman... Real builders like Brad @ Fix This Build That, Jen @ House of Wood, Ben @ Home Made Modern...

And I have to send a big THANK YOU to my sweet friend Jaime Costiglio who waited for me at the airport, helped me get out of trouble when I lost my cell phone! Luckily, for a few minutes. But truly, this whole first experience outside, let's say my home, was more bearable thanks to Jaime taking me under her wing. ;)

Starbucks coffee shop inside the Home Depot headquarters

After arriving at the hotel that first day, we were taken for a tour to The Home Depot Support Center -aka headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

From the outside, it looks like another regular building with a big parking lot. Once inside, the big building turns into a huge city with tight security points.

We went down Main Street... yes, they do call one of the main corridors Main Street for obvious reasons, it has the gear store, the dry cleaners, a ginormous gym, and a Starbucks, how cool!

A tour inside the Home Depot Headquarters with a lab and museum

Then, we toured the Home Depot's museum and the laboratory where they perform the testing and quality control of many of the products they sell.

Day Two, was the tool event and my favorite part! I still can't believe I'm saying that, but really, we were all like little kids in a toy store. :D

booths in old building with tool demonstrations

A big warehouse equipped with booths full of tools from the different brands the Home Depot sells... DeWALT, Milwaukee, Ryobi, Ridge, Makita, Diablo, Husky, Bosch, Dremel... You name it!

So, let me show you what caught my eye --->

Sometimes the simplest things you use the most are the ones that make you stop to see what's new with them. And that's exactly the case with these:
Husky Water resistant leather gloves in light grey

Husky Water Resistant Leather gloves - Well, these are water-resistant and they don't get stiff after the water dries out, they keep their cool and hey, I like this color better than the yellow one. ;)

Husky 6-in-1 Multi function pliers from cable stripper to screw shearing

The Husky 6-in-1 Multi-function Pliers is one little tool with lots of uses, from cable stripper to screw shearing you might find yourself using this tool all the time!  - I'm getting my husband one of these, he is the one I appoint most of my electrical jobs and he always has trouble stripping those cables, hopefully not anymore.

Hysky umbreakable flash light goes in the water, ice, under a car and still works

One more thing I'm gifting him: The Husky Umbreakable Flash Light, I'm not kidding you, he's fascinated with flashlights, they're all around the house, in the car, in the backyard... Many types and colors, but I know he doesn't have one that works underwater, inside the ice, or it's able to resist a 30 ft. drop! Shhh, that's gonna be his father's day gift. ;)

Dewalt drill and impact driver
DeWALT Cordless Drill & Impact Driver
I loved setting foot in the DeWalt booth, I tried this set and WOW, talk about power in a cordless, lightweight design. This set is right there on my wish list.

booth with lots of Dremel 4300 rotary tool

A Dremel is a tool I think every household should have. It's a small tool with a variety of accessories good for cutting, sanding, carving, polishing, grinding... Really, this is a crafter's tool!

number four engraved on a piece of leather with a Dremel 4300 tool

In a matter of seconds, I engraved my lucky number into this piece of leather... A nice tag. <3

Husky rolling system and 15 drawer tool chest
Husky had a big selection of portable tool boxes and tool chests that I wanted to order one of each! However, this two were the ones that I kept on going back and forth to see how they work...

The Husky rolling system toolbox is what I need to bring tools inside the house when I'm working on a room makeover or even a smaller project. Don't you hate having to go a thousand times to grab one more tool you don't have at hand! This is going to be the solution to that problem. But hey, it's also good when you need to travel, bringing the tools in a nice and organized way. ;)

The Husky tool chest is well, what every shop needs, 'nough said! 15 drawers with up to 120 lb. soft close drawer slide support.

Makita cordless brad and roofing nailers

Brad nailers are one of my favorite tools, they make woodworking so easy and fun! This selection from Makita are a must in the shop!

Ryobi Trim Router

Ryobi's newest addition to their line is already a favorite of mine... This Ryobi Trim Router is the one I used for making the rabbets for my jewelry organizer. Changing the bit and adjusting the settings is a breeze and I can't stop talking about how light it is!

Ryobi Brushless Belt Sander

Another favorite from Ryobi >> This cordless 18V Brushless Belt Sander.
four package of Tick by Milwaukee Tick
The Milwaukee Tick is such a neat little bluetooth tool tracker. You attach one of these little trackers to your tools and if you happen to misplace that tool you can track its location. I'm gonna use them on my tools, but they are good for many more items! I'm attaching one to our bicycles. Someone got into our garage and simply took one of our bikes. :(  I'll be waiting for that to happen again, it's gonna be fun finding the intruder. :D

Milwaukee also threw me off guard with this saw demostration... A saw that cuts thru a saw! Wow.

Diablo SandNet Sanding discs for sanding wood

Last but not least, perhaps my favorite product, were the SandNet sanding discs by Diablo. This is the new way of sanding! These discs feel like fabric, lightweight fabric you can bend, shake, wash and they keep their structure.

Unlike regular sanding paper, this is a clog resistant net that lasts 10 times longer than the paper counterpart! I was SO impressed with these, I came home with this pack, and that's what I've been using and loving! I'm writing another post just to talk about how awesome these are!

Her Tool Belt, Cristina Garay, Jen Woodhouse, Elisha Berenstain
Amy@ Her Tool Belt  |  Me  |  Jen @ House of Wood  |  Irina @ The Minimal Nest  |  Alex @ Mr. Build it  |  Elisha @ Pneumatic Addict
Here posing along side these incredible blogging friends before getting back to the hotel to get ready for the evening event...

Atlanta's nicest spots

At The Ponce City Market - Skylark Park, one of Atlanta's hot spots. The rooftop hosts a small park and the Home Depot put its mark on it!
Oh, I was so bad at this bottle ring toss game, I did better at the Derby game. The views were spectacular. We had really nice weather and a great time!

The third and final day was spent serving the community. ;) The Home Depot Foundation works to improve the lives of veterans and their families and aid communities in times of critical need.
My group was sent to a local furniture bank where we assembled side tables, coffee tables and small dressers.
I was super happy to team up with Christine, a Makita Power Tools representative, we assembled four of those tables. We were all trying to do the most in the short amount of time we had there. All those tables are a little sample of all the pieces put together. It felt so good to give back to the community, that's something I need to add to my to do list. ;)

You can also be a helping hand! Learn more about THD foundation HERE.

As I said before, this's an unbelievable experience that I'm beyond grateful to be a part of.

Here again are the links to all the awesome products I liked the most:

Husky Umbreakable Flash Light
DeWALT Cordless Drill & Impact Driver
Dremel 4300
Husky Water Resistant Leather gloves
Husky 6-in-1 Multi-function Pliers
Husky Rolling System Toolbox
Husky 15 drawer tool chest
Ryobi Trim Router
Ryobi Brushless Belt Sander
Makita 2in. x 18-gauge brad nailer
Makita 18-Volt Cordless brad nailer
Makita Roofing coil nailer
Milwaukee Tick Tracker
SandNet - Diablo Sanding Discs
Milwaukee 18-V Cordless Hackzall reciprocating saw
Milwaukee carbide teeth The AX Sawzall blade

I acknowledge that The Home Depot is partnering with me to participate in the promotional program described above (the "program"). As a part of the program, I am reciving compensation in the form of products and services, for the purpose of promoting The Home Depot. All expressed opinions and experiences are my own words. My post complies with the Word Of Mouth Marketing Association (WOMMA) Ethics Code and applicable Federal Trade Commission guidelines.

*This posts contains Affiliate Links for your convenience*

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  1. So happy for you! Sounds like a great trip! Looking forward to seeing all of the new toys and projects you share. Susie from The Chelsea Project

  2. We just got a few new Ryobi toys. Love how light weight the blower is though we wish it packed a little more punch. The edger is the bomb as is the nail gun. The nail gun is so heavy though.

    1. Whoa girl,  you're armed to tackle anything! 😅

      I have a brad nailer that I don't think is too heavy, at least compared to the angled one I use to install crown, that one's HEAVY! 

      Looking forward to see all the amazing projects you're gonna create with these!

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