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Single Wine Crates Turned Drawer Storage Chest

office organization - upcycling

I'm not crazy about going shopping as much as I used to. But I still like going shopping after the holidays. Those low prices are always enticing. And well, if it's something for the house or one of my projects, much better, the game is on! :)

About a month ago, I went shopping with my sister-in-law. We didn't find much stuff that we loved, but in between, the few things I bought were these single wooden wine crates. Their price: two bucks each. Not bad. But my first thought was how to repurpose them because I really don't care about wine, and the boxes looked good to store something.

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Let me show you how I turned these into a little chest of drawers to store craft supplies.

how to build little wooden drawers

Each box had a division that I took out. And there was another wooden piece that was glued to the bottom of the crate to keep the bottle in place, which was also easily removed.

Gorilla wood glue and Ryobi pneumatic nailer

I used two  ¼" x 4" x 4' boards for the drawers. Little pieces cut at 4" and 3-3/4".
The boxes were put together using wood glue and 5/8" brad nails. 

A brad nailer is, without a doubt, the critical tool for this project.

nine drawer storage chest

One by one, they were done. But hey, they looked too simple.

eyelets to cover hole on wood. drilling a hole with ryobi drill and 3/8 drill bit

So, using a 3/8 drill bit, a hole was made to pull the little drawers out of the main box.
Eyelets and numbers were added to dress them up a bit more.

And yes, I even used the crate doors to build the drawers. ;)
numbered little wooden drawer chest with books and vase on the side

Can you see box number 8 has no nail holes? I was already making the holes when I took that drawer out, and uh oh, no bottom! Too busy to go and cut it at the moment.

Office organization - craft supplies

I'm using these little drawers to store some of my craft supplies, stamps, chalk, little hole punchers, and tags.

numbered wooden drawers storing stamps, chalk, tags, hole punchers

This little cubby is staying in my office. I'm still organizing things in there.

nine drawer chest on shelf with white vase and books and wooden cloth pins

For more DIY ideas, check these out:

colorful display - craft paints stored in wine crate

*Ryobi Tools were given to me to try out, 
I love them so much that they are the tools I use for my everyday projects. 
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  1. Have to say: You always come up with the best!

  2. Wow! What a great idea and outcome! I love this... yes, I have a thing for small storage. :) Do I "need" small storage? Not technically. lol Thanks for the great tutorial!!
    ~ Christina in FL

  3. I love you cubbies they are adorable what a great way to store smalls. Never think we have enough smalls storage ideas.

  4. I LOVE this project! It turned out so great!!!

  5. What a cleaver idea and great price. Your awesome Cristina

  6. I have a small cubby thing that I bought at Beall's Outlet. It stores desk supplies like rubber bands, paper clips, flash drives. So useful! But I love yours even more!! Well done!

  7. Oh to be so organized! A great project Cristina. Love the added eyelets. Really makes a big impact. Cheers.

  8. It is wonderful. You have such talent for using something in a new way. Thanks for sharing at Monday Social.

  9. You have such a creative mind! So inventive. Love that you reimagined these into something practical for you. I'd gladly take one for my craft supplies!

  10. The crates would be great for shoes keeping as well.

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