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Lots of Work but Nothing to Show

Hi friends,

That's true. I've been so busy, but all I've done it's starting project after project after project, and I'm not even mid way thru with most of them. :/

I've been working for quite some time in the backyard. I'm building a
big flower garden on the right corner of the yard. Most of the holes for the posts were done like three months ago, but last week, with the nice weather we had, I decided it was time to finish this.

Some more digging was necessary to reinforce that wall. And I have to tell you, that's one of my least favorite jobs. Oh my, the following day I was a bag full of sore muscles!. :(

Anyways, after taking a full day break, I finished the wooden part and started the leveling of the wall blocks.

Some of those blocks came from the vegetable garden I created during Spring.  It turned out, I didn't like growing my own vegetables. All the squirrels, birds, butterflies and bugs won that battle. My hat's off to the farmers and farmers at heart for their incredible job.

I'll be happy to grow some herbs like basil, thyme, rosemary, mint (one that grew like crazy!), but vegetables, that's another story.

The vegetable garden was dismantled and all that good soil was brought here to this new flower garden. This is what I've done so far, I need to buy more blocks and more soil. I'm taking my time because those blocks are HEAVY!  I'm gonna give you an update of this project during Spring next year. ;)

In my spare time, I've been emptying this, the living...

And dining room. I already bought some wood to start the build-ins in here. I still need to get rid of those shallow shelves and the baseboards.

But, now that we're talking about the dining room, look at my latest score! I'm so giddy! :)  Well, I didn't find it. My SIL was the one who saw the Craiglist post and immediately knew it was something I was going to love.
Midday Sunday I was picking it up.  As soon as I saw the pic I remembered Beck's words on my last post about this room and the library tables. Hey, Beck, I think I got one!

The previous owner used it as dining/art table, hence all the paint spots.

I love that it has three little drawers and they all work nicely. I'm still thinking on how to update it. It sure needs some work, but hey, I can't wait to start working on it.  Oh, and this baby was free. ;)

Hey, you can check the table update Right HERE. I'm loving it!

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  1. You are always such a busy girl, Cristina! I love your new flower area! I quit growing veggies a long time ago..although I may take a chance on pumpkins again this coming year. Those are fun to grow. That area you created will be wonderful come Spring. Hope you have a great rest of the week. xo Diana

  2. LOVE the table...yes it looks like a library table but a little different than the two I have....the top is oak but cant tell from the pictures if it is solid! ?? Regardless, the 1/2 and 1/2 mixture should strip the nasty finish off in a jiff...paint and all! Not sure about the water stain...I've tried every trick in the book at times and sometimes you just have to "embrace" the imperfections...but I know it will be beautiful when you are done! Not sure I am offended by the green paint color but you may want to "freshen" it with a new coat of paint. I had an old shop cart that was green...I painted it with white chalk paint and distressed it and I loved the green that came through.... Hard to see the green peaking through in the pictures, but it is there and I really liked it! Just a thought!!!!

  3. BTW....FREEEEEEE! Seriously...who gives these things away for free! I am so jealous!

  4. Another BTW....I think you have built and featured benches before...this is one I built for under my table last Thanksgiving .... Would be super cute under this table and if you build it right, you could store it under the table when you don't need it as a dining table! Super simple! I sold both of these and will have to make a new one this!

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