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Front Porch with Easy Fall Sign

Hey there,

Last week while in the middle of adding little touches of Fall around the house, I decided to create a Fall sign to adorn the porch.

Well, here I'm sharing it because it's super EASY to make and it won't take much time at all.

I don't own a cutting machine, my signs and stencils are still done the old fashion way...

Printing the letters and then tracing the designs onto Contact paper.

You can find the letters I used here: F A L
Don't forget to trace them in reverse so they read the right way at the end.

The wood I used... A remnant piece of plywood from the flooring in my son's room. A 6" x 48" piece.

The Contact paper didn't stick firmly, but the spray painting goes fast  so, that's not a problem at all.

I still managed to get sharp lines. :)

I tried to give the letters some dimension by adding shadows with Sharpies. The white letters were done with an oil base marker. (Aff)

As you saw in my previous post, here is the sign, adorning this pretty porch that I wish was mine!

Yep, you read it right, this is not my porch. It's my friend and next door neighbor's porch. I love it; so much space compare to mine. ;)

I love the contrast created by the blue door with the oranges and reds of the decor pieces.

The wheelbarrow was the starting piece.

Then, a little stand full of Fall goodies was placed on the opposite side to create balance.

The steps were decorated with mums because I couldn't find a single pumpkin. The funny thing was... The following day after taking the pics my closest grocery store was overflowing with pumpkins of all sizes and colors! :/
As my boy says... That's not fair! :)

For more Fall decor check these out:

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  1. Cristina your sign is so cute. The perfect addition to your neighbor's fall porch :) I love how the pretty blue door plays off the fall colors by the way!

  2. This sign is so cute! It looks great on your porch!

  3. Love the sign and you did a terrific job making it. Thanks so much for the DIY on how you made it. Your porch looks wonderful. The pumpkins are in here in So CA, but so expensive.
    Have a great rest of the week.


  4. I love the sign and the colors you chose. Thanks so much for sharing how you made it.


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