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Flea Market Finds

It's been a while since my last Flea Market Finds post. The quiet side of me -I guess that's the 80% of me- thinks those kind of posts are only for bragging.  Because, really, is like telling everyone:
Hey people, I found this, and this, and this, and look at how good I am at this!

Well, that's totally not my style. :/

But, the other 20% - the outspoken - keeps on reminding me how much I like to see what others have found. How much I like to see the prices they pay, so I can guide myself when I find something similar. And that makes me think that perhaps there are many folks out there liking that kind of thing.

I've been at the Flea Market almost every month this year. I only go to the one closest to my home and that's only once a month. I've also been selling my stuff there, but this past Saturday I was a regular folk looking for great finds. ;)
The item that made me go ahead and do another one of this posts was this find:

Yeah, the Way Rite kitchen scale. I was looking for one little scale for ages. The problem was, I didn't want to pay more than $50. So, when I saw this old rusty little fellow, and the lady said $15. It was in the bag before I could give it a second thought! :)

I also got a pair of old, small books. I like these type of books. I use them all the time for staging.

A Union Prayer Book...

And the book of Ruth.

This one has a dedication dating December 1944, and I don't understand a thing of what it says, but that's cute. :)
I love to see dedications in books.

When I saw this little thing, it was love at first sight. This one is small, I think only a quarter stick of butter will fit in here.

It's a three piece butter boat. I've heard good reviews about this type of butter holder. You can find a regular size right here (aff.).

Old little bottles are one of the things I like to collect. Lately, I've been looking for little brown bottles, and here I found one. These three are good for a Halloween vignette.

Well, that was all I got. And I ran back home as fast as I could to play with the scale. :)

It's been in the kitchen making me smile every time I'm there. And yeah, I couldn't wait to brag about it and all the goodies I got for only $20.

What have you scored lately? Do you like this kind of post?

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  1. I love seeing what others pick up at flea markets. Please keep on posting your great finds. You're right - that scale is amazing. Have fun with it.

  2. Always love to see your finds. The pumpkin is perfect on top of the scale. :)

  3. I definitely like these kinds of posts! I went to my antique mall today myself, and amazingly enough only came home with a basket of berries (very tall) and two horns. I have no idea what animal they belong to!

  4. I absolutely love that you shared your finds! Those books are a great find, I just love love love old books :)

    xoxo, SS

    Southern And Style

  5. Share away, Cristina. I love your scale. It's darling.

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