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DIY - Black & White Painted Tray

white lotus candleholder, black wooden balls, geometric designs on tray

Hi friends,

I have a quick and easy project for you today.

It started with the need for a little tray to hold some stuff.

I have like 20 trays around the house, but surprisingly none of them were good enough for what I had in mind - more about that in a later post.

Of course, as a good DIY'er I went to the garage, rummaging around all the pieces of wood I had in there, and found the perfect pieces to create my tray. ;)

A piece of  ½" plywood and four pieces of mitered 1 x 2's to fit around the plywood base were all the wood needed for this tray.

The 1 x 2' were glued and nailed together to form the sides of the tray.

Ryobi drill with countersink drill bit

I traced the outline underneath the base as a helpful guide before doing the countersink pre-drills from the bottom of the tray and into the sides.

1" wood screws were driven all around and the tray was done, but I disassembled it to first paint the design.

ruler, pencil, painters tape design on tray

The base was painted Ralph Lauren Vulcanite 4358. Then, using a ruler and a pencil I found the center of the tray to create a pinwheel design.

The painted areas were separated with painter's tape.

cheap painters tape disaster

Uh oh! You can clearly see what happens when you use a cheap kind of tape without preparing the area: Lots of paint sipping underneath the tape. >:(
On the lower triangle, the tape was placed and the inside area was first painted the same dark color, letting it dry before applying the three coats of white. - Much better!

black and white design - geometric

I had to go again and fix many of those areas, but here is the final design ---> Far from perfect, but I like it.  ;)

Everbilt - light dull door pull - brass

The final details, after assembling again the base and sides together, were to protect the finish with two coats of glossy poly and add a pair of golden handles.

pinwheel design on tray - golden accents

The end result is a chic tray.

diy - quilt design

Gold, black & white couldn't go any better!

Black and white - gold - pinwheel - quilting designs

And to think that those were a bunch of ugly pieces of wood!

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  1. Cristina,
    You are always creating the coolest stuff. I love how easy this tray was to make. I am going to make one for myself now. Thanks for sharing.

  2. That is gorgeous. What a great tutorial. The paint lines are unbelievably crisp. Great job. I love that you are good at mitered corners. Not my strong suit.

  3. Well, I see you haven't lost any of your cleverness while I was away! That is a really cute project, Cristina! You always do such great projects! Hope you have a great week-xo Diana

  4. I just asked my husband if he'd make this for me with a piece of scrap beadboard we have and he said yes! Pinning it so I can show him! love how yours turned out!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  5. Qué bonita bandeja , me gusta mucho su aspecto nordico de blanco y negro


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