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Around Washington D.C.

summer in Washington DC - National mall

Hello there.

How has your Summer been so far? 

Good? Awesome!

I've been enjoying these warm days of Summer with the company of family that has visited.

We had two sets of visitors, one at the end of June and another this past week. Of course, the place to take them out to enjoy was our beloved Washington D.C. It was for most of them their first time visiting, so all the great landmarks were shown.

There is so much to do and see there, and one of the best perks about Washington D.C. is that it has lots of activities that are FREE!

I don't ever get tired of setting foot in DC, its Capitol building, the Washington monument, or even the Lincoln or Jefferson Memorial...  Yeah, I visited all of them twice again this Summer.

However, we always try to do or explore places new to us when we go there.

This time, the "new to me" place was the Library of Congress.

Independence avenue - Library of Congress

What a gorgeous building!

We were able to gain easy access to many of the areas here in the library and the capitol building, thanks to the privilege of having a husband that works for the federal government.

I was not allowed to take pictures in the majority of the library's reading rooms, and to tell you the truth, I didn't miss the picture-taking part, I was admiring all the details...  My head was spinning all around looking at the marvelous architectural elements, statues, paintings on the walls and ceilings, and of course the books!

Front steps library of congress - independence avenue - columns - court of Neptune

As you can see, the outside is the perfect representation of how grand this place is.

Independence avenue - tritons

 At the very front, the Court of Neptune fountain greets you. The god Neptune is flanked by figures of the Tritons.
library of congress - complete building - green cupula

The picture above -Library of Congress- was taken while standing by the building right in front of it: The Capitol.

Independence avenue view

Again, first time on this side -Independence Avenue- of the capitol building,

compass - independence avenue - capitol

On the floor, right in front of the building, this symbolic compass.
capitol building with scaffolding on it

House of Representatives side.

steps to the house building - independence avenue

One last picture at the house of representatives side before heading to the parking lot to get in the car.

black fence - executive office building

We then arrive at the White House grounds, here the Executive Office Building...
Pennsylvania Avenue view of the White House with people in front of it.

And the White House with all the circus in front of it.

17 street view OAS

Some more pics were taken from inside the car on our way home... Organization of American States building.

17th street

American Red Cross National Headquarters building.

green area in the mall

National World War I Memorial.

Potomac river overlooking Arlington - George Washington Parkway

And finally a view I've always loved... Arlington Memorial Bridge crosses the Potomac river.

Oh, our days were long, lots of walking, but we indeed had a really good time!

I have pictures galore, but for today I think it's enough. I might be sharing some more soon.

I hope you've enjoyed this little sample of D.C.

For more interesting places around the area check these out:

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Just glorious pictures. I loved them. I have always wanted to go so badly. Now it is too late. I could never do all of that walking. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Sissy! The weather was perfect for great pics, but as usual, they don't do justice to it all.
      Hey, it's never too late. Maybe one museum or monument at a time is right for you. ;)

  2. I always love visiting DC! Last time we were there my oldest really wanted to go to the Library of Congress because he'd read that they keep it very cool ;). We didn't make it on that trip, but it's on the list for next time!

    1. Gretchen, for your visit to the Library I would recommend that you get the library card, that way, you get access to many, if not all, of the reading rooms. The library card it's free of charge and you can get it at the Madison Building close by.

  3. DC is definitely on my bucket list, I'm such a history nerd (& a history teacher, to boot!) Maybe one day i can convince my husband that we need to go :)

    xoxo, SS

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