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12 Organizing Tips and Ideas for Your Garage Shelves

a wall of shelves in the garage all organized.

Yes, the organizing of the garage is STILL going on. It's taking me a lot longer than I thought, but I can almost see the finish line. :)

The open shelves were next in line. They were built following this tutorial right HERE. I love that they hold lots of stuff, gardening supplies, cans of spray paint, extra cleaning supplies for the home, electrical items, etc. it all fits in here.

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How to take a desorganized garage

This is the mess I had on these shelves right before starting to remove everything from them.
All the X's marks meant those items needed to go, many of them were the toys my kids no longer used.
The long rectangles were wasted space in between shelves.
There, on the lower shelf, Mr. RLC kept the classical music collection he found last year at the flea market. Gotta bring those insides for him to enjoy. :)

colorful snow boards stored

The first things to be removed from the very top shelf were the snowboards. You can check that part right HERE.

Then, those boards on the top shelf were also brought down, they were the perfect material to create little shelves to better utilize the space.

RYOBI Ultimate combo kit (6-tool)
So, let me recap the steps I did to bring organization to these shelves with the following 


1- Get rid of everything you have on the shelves and divide it into three piles---> Stuff you want to keep on the shelves - Stuff that needs to go somewhere else in your home, and - Stuff that needs to be thrown away or donated.

2- Separate the stuff that needs to go back on the shelves.
Some of the categories I used were: CAR STUFF- GARDEN CHEMICALS - HOME - PAINT ... etc. Start bringing back those items and creating those areas on the shelves.

3- Try to utilize all the space you have by stacking things. Make sure that items on the lower shelf can be easily grabbed without disturbing whatever you store on top.
Those small shelves I built were the perfect solution to the wasted space.

4- Use a shelf liner to protect and maintain a clean surface.
A simple piece of cardboard was my solution to line the shelf holding the oils and sticky cans.

shelf for car products in the garage

5- Before heading out to buy storage bins, take measurements. There are thousands of solutions out there. Bring the measuring tape with you so you can buy what you need.

Measuring tape across shelf

6- Stackable clear plastic bins with LIDS are the way to go, even if you don't label things you can clearly see what you have in each bin.
How to keep your garage shelves organized
Clear Plastic Containers - Similar
7- However, it's better to add tags, especially for those occasions when you send your husband or kids to grab something. ;)

8- Separate stuff inside the bins by using clear plastic bags.
In the container holding the electrical stuff, I used a clear plastic bag to hold plugs and switches.

9- Yes, use clear plastic bags - Ziploc bags are even better.
As you can see in the above picture, I had no idea what was inside the bag on the left, I had to tear it -easier than undoing the knot to open it. The one on the right clearly shows its content.

A wall of shelves in the garage

10-- Don't store heavy items on the top shelves unless you have strong muscles!
My very top shelf was left half-empty, and the items on it are not heavy and they're kind of standing (long items) to take advantage of the space above.

11- Keep stuff you use frequently on the lower shelves.
The kid's toys and the boxes full of small scrap pieces of wood are right at hand.

12-  Take advantage of stuff you already have to create more storage space.
I had no idea where to keep this pair of desk bases. By leaving them right there on the floor they gave me that extra little space to store what was left of rock salt and pieces of Sheetrock for patch-ups.

how to organize the shelves in the garage.

Well, this is how the shelves look now. There are still some empty spaces but I sure know they're gonna fill quickly.

I cannot leave you without the before and after. Much better!

wall of shelves in the garage all organized.

I do hope that some of these tips and ideas can help you bring organization to your own garage. Any tips or ideas you want to pitch in, feel free to share them in the comments section below.


For more DIY Garage organization check these out:

White pegboard on the wall with Ryobi tools on it.

garage organization

*This post contains affiliate links.*

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    Looks great!

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