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Garage Organization - Snow & Boogie Board Storage

garage organization, diy, snowboards and boogie boards storage

Hi friends,

I've been working in between the garden and the garage these days.

Last weekend wasn't a good one for my garden, some of the little plants didn't make it. It was too cold! I covered all of them and tried to do everything to protect them, but somehow it wasn't enough. The peppers, basil and tomatoes are gone, they froze. :(
I'm now waiting a little longer before planting anything else. I don't want another cold front to do the same kind of damage.

Garage pegboard with Ryobi tools

Meanwhile, I've been spending time in the garage. That first picture you saw was the last one I posted, when the working bench/pegboard was organized.

That area has stayed pretty much the same. Since, I haven't worked in here, I haven't had time to disorganize it. :) But, the other side of the garage's still a mess.

In the middle of the garage I have a table full of stuff that needs to be placed somewhere. And those shelves might be the solution but they need to be organized first.

The shelves were a DIY project done long ago, even before my blogging days, following this tutorial right HERE.
So, in order to organize the shelves, everything had to be removed from them.

However, for the purpose of this post, let's concentrate on that top shelf.
Up until now, it was Mr. RLC who took matters into his own hands, bringing organization to the garage. He liked to put stuff away and I mean AWAY!

Granted, those snowboards are used only during Winter, perhaps a couple of times a year. That top shelf was kinda good spot for them, but bundling them and putting stuff on top was not fun when the kids wanted to go sledding!

The boogie boards were in a different spot, but the accessibility to them was even worse.  It's like he didn't want us using those items any longer! You see that dresser's base (legs), to the left of the boogie boards? It was a pain to bring it down when I was organizing that space a few months ago.
And I  have to take a pic of these chairs that he stored on the other corner of the garage, they're placed way, way up again. :/

Anyways, with all of the boards on the floor, I began looking for ways to store them. I wanted my kids to be able to grab them at any given moment without any trouble, no tiding them together, and better yet, out of the way.

The solution came with this -let's call it - little cubbie, but in reality it's a desk's base, one part. Can you see the little metal feet on each corner?  I added a piece of plywood to the now bottom part, and screwed the thing to the studs on the wall.

garage organization, diy, snowboards and boogie boards storage

Well, it's a simple box, around 24" x 12" x 6", that holds the five boards nicely, while they simply lean onto the wall.

snowboard storage -boogie board storage - diy - garage organization -

The space were it was installed, works perfectly too. Out the door, but away from traffic and stuff. And the best, best: Even an eight year old can grab any of the boards without any help!

This can be called a trash to treasure transformation and I'm LOVING it!

Hey, what have you re-purposed lately?

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  1. I was concerned about your early gardening...our freeze zone here in NWArkansas is mid-April, and even then I usually wait until the first of May to plant! There have been a time or two when every bucket, basket, sheet and blanket in the house were used to protect the hostas because they come up so early. My rule of thumb....two-three weeks AFTER your freeze date before you plant anything. I notice too that my plants grow better and are hardier during the summer because they didn't have to struggle through colder nights and drenching rains in April!

    1. So true, Beck! Well, hard way to learn for sure. I gotta wait until mid May to start again.

  2. Upside to waiting (other than healthier plants)....MOTHER'S DAY SALES :) Last year I got a new rose bush (beats the guinea pig I got one!) And Lowes and Home Depot MAY have some great mark downs on perennials that got bit by the same freeze...they may not look to hot now but they will spring back! That is one thing I love about perennials...hostas, vinca ground cover, Columbine, knock out all comes up and blooms without any work on my part other than occasionally having to cover it when we get a hard, late freeze.

  3. The place looks much better, you can find everything you need in a a second :) The pegboard is a very useful thing, especially in a home office :)

  4. How I wish my garage can look like yours!!!! I'll try to tackle mine over the summer and my boogie boards are actually stuck in the ceiling !

  5. That is a great idea. I built a cart like yours for my wood storage and it is awesome. I could even fit a 4x8 sheet of plywood if I had to but of course I never have one in Thanks for the inspiration!

  6. Perfectly arranged garage. This is a dream garage. I will try this weekend to do something about my messy garage.


  7. Todo esa perfectamente organizado en tu garage ,, es un suelo de orden ,, yo estoy tratando de empezar con el mío

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