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Spring Plates - A Decoupage Project

My last projects have been about my garage, I've been working in there and it's not finished, but while in the mids of it all, I got a message from dear Marty reminding me that we have a Spring home tour coming soon!
Spring is almost here?!

I know, unbelievable!

So, it was time to change gears. I went inside the house and began adding touches here and there, making it ready for Spring. :)

I usually display these white dishes on the shallow shelves in my dining room. I don't use these plates often, I placed them on the shelves, but they looked, as usual, plain, which made me think on how I to add color to them.
The solution: Wall paper cutouts. The same thrifty-one dollar- roll of wallpaper I used as a background for this project, scissors, and ModPodge.

I decided not to include the strawberries. ;)

I used the smallest leaves, cut them out in a not so neat way.

Add the ModPodge and... Swoosh onto the plates all those cut outs went!

So easy! They look way better and I can get rid of the design whenever I want.

Well, unless a guest comes home and decides to use one of these plates, then, they'll be eating a salad! :)

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  1. Cristina these are so cute! I love personalizing plates and this decoupage spring plates are beautiful!! So pretty.

  2. They're beautiful! It's fun to repurpose something we already have isn't it? Great job!

  3. What a great idea! I've always toyed with the idea of white dishes but in the end I think I'd be like you and want to add color. Here's something for you....I had wallpaper almost just like that in about 1990 something. :)

    Thank you for adding your wonderful project to Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  4. Le pusiste a unos platos decopage ? Eso sí me interesa ,, y se pueden usar para comer o son solo decorativos ?


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