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Plans for the Garage

a built-in of shelves in the garage with lots of supplies

I've been spending the warmest days of this winter right here. Not too many, though. :/

If the day is bright and not so cold, the garage is my spot.

But on dark days like yesterday, when it rained the entire day, I prefer to be indoors, even though it wasn't that cold.

How is the weather in your neck of the woods? I'm so looking forward to Spring!

Anyways, I titled this post "Plans for the garage" because this is the starting point, the mess before I start bringing organization to this space.

While I was working on my son's room, I moved many of the tools to that area of the house. The hall upstairs was a construction zone, and my bedroom was a storage area for all of the contents of his room. In general, that second floor felt chaotic during the entire renovation.

Now that I'm bringing tools and pieces of wood back to where they belong, I'm once again faced with another mess.

But first, let's talk a bit about this space, the garage.  I've only done a couple of posts about it without showing the entire area.

I like it! It's a big space. This is how it looked when we moved in:
little girls playing in garage with a little bike and toys

Ahhh, a big empty space!
Some shelves were installed, mostly to store my daughter's toys, but as time passed, they weren't enough.

messy shelves in the garage. with bikes on the wall.

This whole unit was built soon after, and those were pre-blogging days. No tutorial for that one. ;)
They hold a ton of stuff. However, I need to remove lots of things that we no longer use and organize those shelves.

garage organization

The other side of the garage is awful! I cannot get in there.

tools and wood needing organization

I need to organize all that yellow area. Workbench, tools, and stuff on the floor.

As you can see, I got some new tools, so there is lots of motivation! :)

garage in need of organization

One of the things that bother me the most is the pieces of wood on the floor, followed by the folding table and more wood standing right next to the working bench. It's hard to reach some of the tools on that board.

See the demilune table up there? One of the first things to be rescued from this mess.

a messy garage in need of organization

On the far left, you can see a bit of the table that I never finished stripping. I gotta do that during Spring... or Summer. :/

wood, tools and supplies in need of organization in the garage

Ha, I see those CD shelves - I had no idea what to do with them. I picked them up alongside the breakfast table set - A free Craiglist find. I'm gonna try to use them to store something.

For now, my first task will be to pick the wood from the floor.

See the solution to the wood-on-the-floor problem right HERE.
Check how the tools got organized Here.
And how neat those shelves now look right here.

Wish me luck!

For more DIY ideas, check these out:

Cristina Garay hanging tools on wall organization system.

a kitchen table was given new life with paint.

an old little demilune table was given a fresh coat of paint

Enjoy what you read today?



  1. Oh Cristina...good luck with this. I feel your pain! I have seen several organizational builds that would be perfect! One was a kind of floor "rack" thing that was perfect for storing wood and trim vertically....I wish so much I had pictures but I saw it and stored it in my brain (dangerous place to keep anything!) My absolute favorite thing I ever built was the fold down table on a shelving unit. Unfortunately I have had so many "projects" in my garage, I haven't had the room to actually fold it down! But it is great and allowed me to get rid of the folding table. I also use a rolling "cart" for my chop saw and to store my larger tools on a bottom shelf. Great thing about that is I can easily roll my chop saw in and out of the garage and don't have to worry about getting saw dust all over the garage! Check them out on my blog...maybe one or both would be helpful!

    1. LOL -"dangerous place to keep anything!" You are funny my friend! That's exactly what I want, something to store pieces vertically, especially those remnants. Well, I need some shelves to store long pieces of trim horizontally too, but they're not too many. Gotta check the folding table you built. I also need to replace the workbench I have, It doesn't have much storage underneath and I feel it's to high for me. This weekend I'll be visiting your space. :) Thanks for all this info Beck!

  2. I too need to clean out the garage. Can't wait to see how you attack it.

    1. hehehe that's right, I'm ready to attack that monster! Thanks for stopping by Laura!

  3. Oh my word, I have been working non stop on ours and still can barely get my car in. Good luck

  4. The Shanty 2 Chic blog has some great ideas for storing wood and tools. I always get inspired when I look there as well. Love your blog!

    1. You're so sweet, Linda! I love Shanty 2 Chic projects too. Their DIY lumber cart is pretty cool. Thanks!

  5. Cristina, I tried "googling" scrap wood storage and I came up with a number of pictures that might work...try that. Most are pretty large, but you could build one any size. I like the ones that are mobile...on castors...but I think I am going to build one against one wall...about 16" deep x 36" wide...two compartments...the front for smaller pieces, the back for larger pieces. And purging always helps...if you are like me you keep every little scrap and then end up buying what you need because you can't find what you KNOW you have!

    1. Thanks Beck! I did google it and wow, lots of ideas. I think I already know which way I want to go.

  6. We have tried organizing our garage several times and it always fall short of my expectations. I will try to do it again when the weather gets warmer, but I can't wait to see yours done my friend!

    1. I was kind of postponing this job until warmer days, I hate to work in a cold space, but it was just too messy.

  7. Yo tengo que ordenar mi garage ,es bueno tener cada cosa en su lugar y todo organizado

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